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  1. A bottle of Lincoln Black Leather Dye could fix that in no time at all. Done that on many, many leather items.
  2. That is a very good price for somebody looking for a top quality knife !
  3. That is MORE than a “decent” price. Those ten (10) 20 round magazines included in the deal sell for $55 each from Springfield, thats more than $500 worth of mags plus the wrench! At $1275 shipped for all, that is a SMOKIN DEAL !!! If I hadn’t recently bought an M1A Scout Squad I would be all over this like a bear in a honeycomb.
  4. I will take the 200 44 spl. Do you take paypal friends?
  5. May have something for you. Sending PM
  6. I’ll take her. Please PM with particulars
  7. Rooster Ron Wayne has a beautiful pair of 1871-72 Open Tops in 44 Special for sale on this page. A fair price at that.
  8. I will take it. Please PM with info on where to send gold.
  9. So....”all items together new from Midway $181.00 shipping included”. Is that what you are asking? If not, what ARE you asking for?
  10. I have these. Lube appears to be some kind of wax. 44 cal, 250 grains if you are interested
  11. The box #45235 has a thicker jacket than the #45230. The #45235 is designed for the .454 Casull and the #45230 is designed for heavy .45 Colt loads (as in Ruger or Contender)
  12. Check with Moose Moulds They have all kinds of obscure moulds and what they don’t have he can make
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