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  1. https://opticsandammo.com/product/hornady-32-win-spcl-unprimed-brass-50-mfg-8728/ these guys claim in stock at this time
  2. I agree. I’ve bought several from out of state and never had any problems at all. There may be a few FFLs in the bay area or southern Calif that are difficult to deal with and no doubt blame the laws (primarily because they don’t understand them) but here in northern Calif (the REAL NORTHERN Calif, not the bay area) almost every FFL is easy to deal with. Still, this socialist state has a bad reputation and it’s just worth arguing about. A lot of $$$ in this state and a lot of people let their stubbornness deprive the of a lucrative market.
  3. If you look up Saeco mold #444, all of the various retailers list it at .428. Some of the loading threads say that the mold will throw +2 thousands if there is any hard alloy used. Always best to have a sizing die for whatever size you prefer anyway
  4. How does that work? The rim on on a 44-40 (44 WCF) is considerably larger than a 44 Russian as is the base of the case. Have you ever actually loaded one of those cut-down 44-40 cases and chambered it in a .44 Russian cylinder ? .44 Mag or .44 Spec could easily be trimmed down to .44 Russian but a 44-40 is a whole nother animal.
  5. The 1860 Army was a .44 caliber 6 shot The 1862 Police was a .36 caliber 5 shot What you have there is an 1861 Navy which is a .36 caliber 6 shot although it has a shorter barrel
  6. Consider #5 (1849 Baby Dragoon with .32 S&W cyl.) sold PM will be sent
  7. Starline has it in stock and ready to ship at this time but minimum order is 250 pieces. For smaller quantities, try Huntington Die Specialties in Oroville, CA. They list it on their website but you must call them on the phone to check stock or order. 1-866-735-6237
  8. Sacramento Johnson just posted he had 100 new 38-40 cases for sale here on the wire but it’s Winchester, not Starline
  9. I was confused at first as well but I typed in the title and lo & behold up popped several different entries with pictures and a few youtube videos. A very nice 1885 single shot trapper length with a saddle ring. A sweet little single shot carbine. I like it a lot !
  10. Quite a few nice firearms worth drooling over. Prices seem very fair. Might be my old eyes but but I seem to have missed the price on the the Shiloh Sharps with 3 barrels.
  11. Dantankerous I have this set. It is used but I have never used it. Came with some other stuff as a package. Some light rust freckling but doesn’t appear too bad. Yours for $25.00 shipped if you’re interested.
  12. Starline is avoiding the whole .45 Colt vs .45 “Long” Colt. For those that use the designation.45 LC the Cowboy Special could be described as “.45 Short Colt” LOL
  13. Those are sure nice looking grips. Are you sure they won’t fit the Wranglers?
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