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  1. Midway has 32 S&W brass for sale - 100 pieces for $18 + shipping
  2. Wolfgang I have a spare cylinder for a ‘51 navy. I do not know if it is out of a Pietta or a different manufacturer. $10 ( to cover postage ) if you are interested. Regards, Sgt Duncan
  3. From the looks of that hammer in the last picture it sure looks like it has NOT been converted
  4. Wrangler web site. They have long sleeve, solid red shirts with either snaps or buttons.
  5. I am not sure on your skill level or motivation to tackle some projects but it is really a simple matter to “thin down” the stock grips you have now. A little sandpaper and a little time and before you know it, perfect feeling grips. Then just a little linseed oil or whatever other finish you prefer. Since you already don’t care for the grips as they are, you have nothing to lose. I have changed the grips on several of my revolvers. At least two different sets I have installed were chosen because of their looks, fancy walnut and desert ironwood, but both sets were too thick. I spent about four hours each gradually thinning them to get them where I liked them. Plus there is a certain satisfaction in having “built them myself (sort of)”.
  6. Jonny T Grips are on their way. PM sent. Sgt. Duncan
  7. Howdy Brazos Thanks. That picture was taken on a ride in the northernmost part of the Sierra Nevada Mountains around Yellow Creek. It was a great ride! The quakes were all down in the south end of the state, probably 500 miles south of here. I hope that hurricane turns out to be nothing more than a summer rain. Take care, Sgt. Duncan
  8. Jonny T PM me with your physical address and I will send you a set Sgt Duncan
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