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  1. Have you tried to contact “Moose Moulds” ? He makes accurate moulds for many unique types of ‘Civil War’ replica arms and has a vast list of of round ball sizes. His prices are higher than the common mold manufacturers but they are top quality moulds. I bought one of his moulds for my 1859 Sharps Carbine and have been very happy.
  2. I will take them. How would you like to get paid?
  3. Long Rifle ??? the boxes are marked “.22 Long”
  4. .45 auto rim is a .45 acp case with a rim, much like the .45 cowboy special but slightly different rim diameter
  5. Got the holster today. Fits like a champ I have two ‘49s, a “Wells Fargo” with 3” barrel and converted to .32S&W and a 4” with loading lever. both fit great. Thanks again
  6. I bought my cavalry boots from C&C Sutlery in Emmet, Idaho several years ago (12EE). I paid more at the time than the price listed now so I cannot vouch for the quality of the current offering but it is a place to check.
  7. I didn’t know Grizzly loads that round but Buffalo Bore seems to have it in stock. Good golly that stuff is spendy.
  8. I cannot believe somebody doesn’t jump on this ! I am short on cash or else I would buy this in order to resell it !
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