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  1. That looks like a musket cap type percussion cone. How does that work with brass shells? Do you leave the primer out of the brass so the flame from the percussion cone can enter the primer hole on the brass?
  2. Those polished aluminum grip frames should swap out on your New Vaqueros But if you are asking if you can simply put these grip panels on your grip frames, I don’t think so. It says right in the main description up top that “the grips and grip frames have been made to look like Reeder Grip Frames” and feel like Bisleys. If you look closely at the pictures, a fair amount of material has been removed from the back of the grip frames. The panels have been fit to those grip frames and probably won’t fit any other unmodified grip frames. I love Sambar Stag material for grips and those are some nice looking panels. I just think you will need to use the aluminum grip frames they have been mated to.
  3. There is a guy on youtube at Cinnabar Ranch that makes videos shooting old lever guns. He recently put out a video shooting a Sharps 50-140 and then a follow up video about a week later showing off the bruising to his right shoulder LOL. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JP3ZAGrbNBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRDu8Dal3tY
  4. Black powder revolvers are assigned caliber designations using different measurements than modern firearms. A .44 caliber revolver actually had a barrel blank bored to around .44” and then the rifling was cut to a depth of .452” A modern .45 Colt revolver has the same rifling depth. A .36 caliber black powder revolver has a bore of around .36” with the rifling cut to .375” Modern revolvers in that range are not even close - a .38 Special actually has around a .34 something bore with rifling cut to .357”
  5. Don’t want to be a wet blanket here but the title says SPF (sold pending funds) so I doubt there is anything left for you to “take”
  6. Yet another fine knife ! I can’t believe this has been up for 9 hours without a response. I’ve already bought a couple of good knives from you and don’t need another at the present else I would jump at this.
  7. And then…….the Taurus 905 is a dedicated 9mm, 5 shot, 2 inch, double action in stainless steel or black oxide for between $300-$400
  8. This is one of the reasons I was suggesting the 148 grain hollow base wadcutters. Soft lead won’t cause too much pressure with slightly undersize throats and the hollow base will easily obdurate back up to the .357 bore.
  9. Just thinking the soft lead, hollow base might load easy into the 9mm case and then expand easily to fill the lands/grooves and they are some of the most accurate for mild to mid range loads
  10. 148 grain hollow base wadcutters would be better
  11. They should be the same size as the “old model” Vaqueros (the large frame). There is a Tombstone double rig at a good price on this page
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