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  1. When you say 30W oil are you talking about conventional motor oil SAE 30?
  2. Quick question - is there any recommended maintenance for the Lee Load All? The documentation I have seems to only talk about operation and considerations for different situations, but nothing about maintaining the machine. I was thinking of using some lithium grease on spring and hinges, but couldn't find much of anything online about this subject.
  3. Regarding the firing pin and spring kit - how difficult are these to install at home? I've taken apart my Marlin 1894 for basic cleaning - but that isn't all the way down to taking apart the bolt and trigger assembly, for example. Also, these kits don't solve the "Marlin Jam", right? My Marlin is from the late 80s or early 90s and works great over the first season of use, but I've heard that eventually that may happen - not too concerned about it really as the rifle has probably only 500-1000 rounds through it, but it is on the radar as a future issue. I'm pretty sure I'm still a long way away skill wise from out running it as is.
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