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  1. 100 yards I couldn't see the card let alone hit it
  2. Contact Dillon the have great service, you might need a new/adjusted primer bar
  3. That's a great price I have two already in 45 looking for 357
  4. I stage my hammered guns chocked and open
  5. My 1860 Uberti Henry 45 colt has been short stroked but I will not call it race ready. I enjoy just shooting it at a match I did make a "safety stick" helps if the mag spring slips while loading.....IT JUST HAS A COOL FACTOR
  6. And it also depends on where the Bar-b-Q is
  7. I shoot a 10 second stage all the time 10 pistol x2, 10 rifle and 10 shotgun
  8. You need to bell the case a little at station 2 or use a brush and neck lube. Go slow when filling with powder (small neck lots of powder)...
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