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  1. Made by Tisas in turkey. They use colt 70 series internals. I don't have the sds imports but rather the Tisas which is where sds gets them. Excellent imo. Every type of ammo I've tried feeds and cycles with no issue. I probably have 500-700 rounds through mine and can't find anything to be disappointed in. They run as good as any other make of 1911 I've ever handled. Better than some since a few of the high end 1911s are picky about what ammo they eat. I picked up my tisas on sale for 350. 

  2. I'm really liking hodgdon's new powder perfect pattern. 12 grains with 1oz at 970fps. One of the cheaper powders in today's market also. Local trap shooter supply is 184 for an 8lb jug

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  3. Bisley hammers are a little lower than the SBH. They do not just drop in. You either have to modify the hammer or your gripframe. I've done both and prefer not to cut metal out of the gripframe. You do not have to use a bisley trigger with the bisley hammer. All of my rugers have bisley hammers and regular vaquero triggers. If you're a 2 handed shooter I'd either stay with the factory nmv hammer or go with the sbh unless you're having them short stroked. Depending on your grip the lower hammers can hit the web of your hand. 


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  4. On 7/11/2023 at 7:28 PM, Quiet Burp said:

    I've ordered a Lee Factory Crimp die yesterday, will this be my saviour? 

    Maybe, maybe not. If you have enough powder in the case they can't telescope.  I've never had an issue getting a tight crimp with the lee factory die but I have had issues with them not chambering in my rugers. Switched to a redding profile crimp die and haven't had an issue since. 

  5. Breaking it up with a non conductive item like a wooden dowel rod or the wooden bat for knocking cast bullets out of the mold. That will fix the metering issues. It may or may not return to the original grannual size. If that's a concern you'll need to get the appropriate screen to sift it through.  Honestly I wouldn't worry about the grain size and would just set it aside for use in shotgun shells. If it is clumped up my concern would be any residual moisture in it. After breaking it up I'd spread it out on some news print under a lamp (think chicken broader) once fully dried put it in an airtight container with a small desiccant pack until you're ready to use it. The only way I know how to dispose of powder is to ignite it behind some lead or wrapped in nitrated wax coated tubes :D

  6. Yes they are, I'm not a fan but those that use that new fangled smokeless powder may benefit from using them. That cannelure is to help keep the projectlie from falling back into the case under recoil and spring tension in tubular magazines. Seems an unnecessary thing iffin ya just filler up with the proper powder so the lead can't fall in. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Circuit Rider Jeff said:

    The weak link is the case feeder

    Getting it adjusted just right will eliminate a lot of that. Most of the time if I have one fall over it's the last case in the tube. There's a couple 3d printer guys that have a spring loaded door that completely eliminates the cases from tipping over. 

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  8. After reading the others post I can't really add much to the conversation, other than I love my remingtons. Most either love or hate them. They are every bit as good as the other options but if you have larger hands you probably won't like them for the same reasons Dawg said about banging up your fingers. You can work around that with your hand hold on the grip. Is it worth it? Idk depends on how much you like them and how easy they are in comparison to colt clones for pulling the cylinder. I don't use them in sass anymore as I've moved onto FCGF with ruger bisleys. But they are still one of my favorites to take to the range to play with.

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  9. Practice shooting with your hips square to the target, neither leg forward. I try to shoot the long guns that way most of the time also. It allows for quicker movement to either direction. Tip from longhunter videos. 

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  10. 4 minutes ago, Griff said:

    What size cap do they make, and do they fit on SlikShot nipples?

    I only have stock nipples in my cap guns. Honestly they work but I wouldn't use the few I've made in a match. They're a little loose on my piettas. Fine for plinking though.

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