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  1. In small amounts it'll hold up ok. I never cared for it personally. It takes bushings for the dies so just 1 more thing to buy. If I'm not mistaken it's aluminum so kinda questionable on how much you can cram on it without it tweaking. I'd add the little extra and get the classic cast if you're set on a single stage. It is cast steel and you have the option of using ⅞ or 1" die sets 

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  2. 18 hours ago, Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283 said:

    The solution is actually quite easy, I discovered this many years ago. Do not try to cram your entire hand onto the grip. Instead, curl your pinky under the grip. That will move your hand down a bit on the grip, and will also open up more space between the knuckle of your middle finger and the trigger guard.

    Exactly that. That's how I've always held my 58s and 75s. 

  3. For the mag tech hulls you need 11ga wads and nitro cards. They work in the thicker hulls too just harder to seat. Then a 10ga overshot card. Definitely need to pattern your loads til you find one that's not blowing holes in the shot. For me that's 43 gr of 2f and 1⅛ oz shot.  Or go with plastic wads. 

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  4. Hmmmm interesting. Double check the ratchet/gears on the cylinder for a burr, check the channel where the hand spring rides for burrs/machine marks that maybe obstructing the hands travel. Also check the hand for abnormalities compared to the other hand. Wish you were local to me I enjoy figuring these things out but I'm not great at blind diagnosis. Good luck and keep us updated.

  5. NMV with gunfighter grips and either SBH or bisley hammers works well for small hands. But if she really likes the navy colt sized gripframes then there's the option of having the hammers lowered by a gun smith. If I'm not mistaken uberti or pietta have the lightning, stallion, model p jr models that are built on a smaller frame but I have no hands on experience with those. Good luck

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  6. On 5/30/2022 at 1:10 PM, Fast Enuff said:

    No, definitely not LARP.


    LARPing would typically be defined as everyone having to actually try to act out an alternate persona during the whole event.


    What we are is a cosplay shooting event.


    The rules require a certain minimal amount of cosplay to participate.  Some go minimal and some go all in on costumes.  Any acting is purely optional.

    Yep that's pretty much my thought on it also. But I can also see how someone that's never seen or done it could draw a line to larping. 

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  7. The "best" is a matter of opinion. I personally have a deep sink and a hose on the hot water nozzle. For pistols and shotgun I run hot water through the barrel, put a couple drops of dawn on the bore brush and scrub the barrel. Then rinse with hot water. Run a couple patches through to dry it. Then a mop with bore butter to treat the bore. The rifle is basically the same but I put a spent case in the chamber and use a funnel to fill the bore with hot water. I do that a couple times before scrubbing it with dawn and a bore brush. Then rinse it a few times till there's no more bubbles. I keep a can of wd 40 handy in case I accidentally splash water into the action. If that happens I spray the insides with the wd.  Now that's for my 44/40s. When I shot 45s I'd have to pull the side panels and scrub all the blowby out also. I'd pull the furniture off to do that in the deep sink. 

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  8. On 8/27/2021 at 11:52 AM, Amigo said:

    T.F., I still have it due to the fact it would cost about $50 to ship it from Colorado to Oregon...just a 5 pound 4 oz box, but due to that single piece handle, a 14 x 14 x 16 box is needed; shipping rates are up! If you still have interest, drop me a PM.


    Yeah thanks but I'll pass. Neat gadget but I didn't think about how much shipping would be. 


    T.F. Jack 

  9. On 8/24/2021 at 12:44 AM, Amigo said:

    Last fall, I took a large load of stuff in an estate sale...one of those "take it all and make me an offer" deals. Some stuff I really wanted, some of it was cleaning house for the flipper. I haven't been able to toss this yet...it is one of the two pieces of a Dillon case/media separator...but don't have the bin part. If anyone is interested in this (it is the smaller of the two Dillon offers), you can have it for the cost of shipping.


    If this is still available I'd be interested in it. Shoot me a pm of where and how much shipping would be.




    T.F. Jack 

  10. Stray momma cat had her kittens the other night. She decided to have them in the litter box. Got them cleaned up and settled in a better spot.  I've already found momma cat and 1 baby a home once they're weaned. 3 to go if there's anyone near Ohio interested lol




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  11. 6 minutes ago, MizPete said:

    So how much more trouble can I be?

    A lot. We already have to separate the boys. There's the downstairs cats and the upstairs cat. She would wreak havoc on the setup lol

  12. so we are temporarily caring for another kitty. She's been hanging around the catio driving my boys nuts for a couple months. So much so that our Wasabi Bob decided to break down the door and pay her some personal attention. I had to bring her in. She's living in the basement (fully finished less carpeting) until after her kittens are born. The babies and her will be fixed and rehomed as soon as they're old enough. She's a sweetie but we already have 3. 



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  13. I thought this was just gonna be a cute kitty thread but some of these are hilarious. Here's our boys.

    Wasabi Bob (Desert Lynx)



    King Louie (Desert Lynx)


    Mr. Cuddles (American Bobcat)20170813_191120.thumb.jpg.f183789b416579ead1e3e18fe4cff736.jpg

    Gsgt Chappie aka Gunny (Mohave Bob / Highland lynx)

    Gsgt Chappie aka Gunny (Mohave Bob)


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