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  1. I wouldn’t clean my garage on my birthday, unless it’s something that you find entertaining.
  2. I think she’s cute and not at all ugly.
  3. Hello, everyone. My name is “Ned” and I am also a vexillofile. I’ve got about 30. It started when we were kids playing battle, and my brother designed as flag out of a white sheet.
  4. That was intriguing. I have a cheaply made fedora in pecan that I bought a few years ago. I also have an olive fedora in an Indians Jones style. I wear 7-3/8, but this nicer hat is a smidge too snug. I’ve been debating whether to get a Stetson fedora, which I hope would fit better. here’s the Jones hat:
  5. Biden dumped the Keystone Pipeline through an executive order. Appx 11,000 jobs to lose.
  6. On Inauguration Day, Antifa attacked the Oregon Democrat HQ. Has anyone heard Biden, his Admin, or Gen Psaki condemn it?
  7. According to Triny Lopez, “LEMON tree, very pretty”. But, I’m sure that’s not the lesson.
  8. I remember this movie and liked it. I prefer Miller’s Crossing and the music by Burwell.
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