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  1. I’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it. The Fuji Fire is almost to my toleration point, but there’s a big leap to the Scotch Bonnet Mustard. My wife thinks what I’m doing is silly, but I’m tired of plain boiled eggs.
  2. I’ve been watching this TV show called The Hot Ones. I’m working my way up their list. My current hottest sauce is Fiji Fire Native Bongo Chili Hot Sauce. I put it on boiled eggs, sandwiches, and flour tortillas. It has a Scoville rating of 14,300. One that is arriving today is Scotch Bonnet Mustard at 36000 Scoville. What’s the Scoville rating of your sauce, Yul?
  3. Top five favorite state flags: 1). Texas ( because I live here) 2). Ohio (wife born there) 3). Tennessee (born there) 4). Alaska. (It’s cool) 5). Arkansas (because I lived there)
  4. I’m 62. I remember him for having gotten “into an auto accident” to the point where he needed a plate in his head. He was actually beaten up by a policeman. After a few surgeries, he showed up to perform on the Glen Campbell Show (which was a summer replacement for the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour) around 1968 or so. Anyway, he didn’t perform much after that.
  5. I collect bottle-openers. Made in China. Pass.
  6. The amazing thing to me is that he didn’t have a fedora or a cowboy hat.
  7. My wife is from OH, and my first trip to her hometown to meet her parents was an eye-opening, fun experience, including spotting the different shape of the state flag. Then, I had a buckeye.
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