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  1. My wife won’t even let me hum in the house.
  2. The Scoville rating on this is 1,200,000. It will take me awhile to work my way to that one, by gum.
  3. The Scotch Bonnet Mustard (36,000 Scoville points) sauce arrived last night; so, before dabbing it (and possibly ruining) on my roast beef sandwich at lunch today, I poured some rather liberally onto a flour tortilla. I have to admit that I was underwhelmed. It was spicy and hot, but I wouldn’t say it was 3 times the heat of my 14,300 Fiji Fire. I checked the ingredients and the scotch bonnet chili peppers are fourth largest ingredient. I did add generously to my sandwich and made it good and spicy, but it’s not close to blowing my doors off. I’ll have to see what th
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