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  1. I live in Houston, and I love Texas. I’ve lived in this state since 1967, when I was 9. Texas has open carry with licensing. Without a license, the rule is to be driving to/from a hunt or the range. The big cities are Democrat party and the rural areas are Republican. Even in the large cities you have districts that are Republican. Both of our Senators are Republican - John Cronin and Ted Cruz. It is 7:10pm and it’s 59F, with no snow on the ground. The low tomorrow morning will be 45F. The worst of the summer in Houston it’s 99F and humid.
  2. I’ll jump through their stupid hoops so that I can dine at a restaurant and go grocery shopping. They are counting on conservatives to buck their rules.
  3. If I heard that someone was “smoking”, I think cigarettes. If someone said, “toking” I would say marijuana. The big rage for pain relief is CBD oil.
  4. More evidence that the whole game is rigged. I used to not be a conspiracy theorist, but I’m inching more over to that side. My new take on Murphy’s Law is, “if something can be corrupted, it will be.”
  5. I’m 62, so I have to wait. My 67 yo brother and his wife (whose age shall not be revealed) received their shots. They live in OK. I live in Houston, and there is such a backlog on the waiting list, that no one is taking new appointments.
  6. Yes, Stonewall escorted the little girl and Robert Duvall played Lee. The confederate who thanked the Texans for the shindig was Ted Turner, who produced this movie, “ Gods and Generals” and the previous, “Gettysburg”
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