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  1. In Facebook, some one or thing  posted a couple of recent music video of The Seekers singing Georgy Girl and some other tune.  I felt very nostalgic as I hadn’t heard their tunes in decades.  As a matter of fact, when I started marching band in junior high school in 1971, we had to learn Georgy Girl because it wasn’t that difficult.  I learned to hate it, though playing it over and over.  But, seeing The Seekers recently rejoin to sing their hits at their advanced years, and mine, I enjoyed it.

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  2. On 2/7/2021 at 9:34 AM, Subdeacon Joe said:


    The change of mindset started becoming very plain around 1966 or 1967.  A lot of it revolved around the anti-war protests (which, at first WERE peaceful protests).  It really snowballed after the 1968 Chicago riots.



    You could possibly make a case for the change coming with the Watts Riots.

    I’m going to say it had more to do with the 2 assassinations in 1968.

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