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    North of Harrisburg; Near the Stracks
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    Shootin' Targets only while Sober, Texas History, American History, Scottish History, Western moving pictures, Genealogy, Toupee-spottin', Sleepin' during the Opera, kissin' the dawg, pettin' the wife.

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I'm left-handed, left-eyed, flat-footed, color-blind, my back hurts, my wife says I'm deef; and I'm ornery without coffee in the morning; otherwise, I'm quite amiable, especially if you feed me. You gonna eat them potatahs?


I'm new to SASS in 2018, so I've got a lot of fun learning to do. My wife and I both have Concealed Handgun Licenses from the State of Texas. I would like her to get involved with me in SASS, but I think it will take her awhile to get used to the idea. I joined SASS because I don't like the way the Wild West has had to take a back seat to the Sci-Fi movies, and I think we are at risk of losing our rights to bear arms, if we don't find as many various ways to exercise those rights as we can. 

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