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  1. I have not personally shot any of this company's ammo (i reload so i dont really shoot anyone else's ammo), but i've read good things about it https://choiceammunition.com/product-category/cowboy-action/cowboy-action-38/cowboy-38-special/ I will say for the price of buying loaded ammo, you'd probably be 3/4 of the way through your investment of reloading equipment on savings by now with just the ammo you're shooting in the matches. With practice ammo you're probably passed that. ~1200 rounds retail -- 600 bucks ~1200 rounds reloaded -- 120 bucks
  2. If you are a buy once, cry once, then save up slightly more, get a Baikal, send it to Johnny Meadows or another shotgun smith and be done with it. The Charles Daly also has a major advantage in that I heard its a mechanical single trigger. If that's true, then that basically means it's as reliable as the double trigger for all intents and purposes. Lastly, the SKBs and BSS are not made anymore so you won't find them on the website. You have to buy them off classifieds or GBroker etc and are usually in the 1000-1400 range I've seen for a 12ga
  3. Main spring screw was tighted all the way is most likely what happened. I'd try to explain where it is, but if you head to mauraders website he has a picture which makes it super simple. I took mine to the range with some cheap sellier and belloit shells, and adjusted it til it just set those off reliably. The Winchester and federal primers I normally use are a lot softer so I dont worry about making it too light.
  4. I did it a little different and got great results. I scribed it to get the measurement (I want to say it was 3/8ths). Then I chucked up the base pin in a power drill and used the slack section of a vertical belt sander to sand away while I ran the drill. Comes out looking factory with a really nice cone profile if you hold the drill at an angle to the belt
  5. I have a Stoeger 12ga Coachgun for sale. It has had the safety turned in to a manual only (so it doesnt auto-engage but it can still be manually engaged), a large brass bead from long hunter, lighter long hunter lever tension spring, a fluff and buff polishing job to clean up burrs, and the chambers beveled a bit (although no where near what i've seen on other's shotguns). Overall the gun is in good condition and has worked reliably, i'm just more of a 97 fan so this needs to go to make room for some more toys. I'm looking for 325 shipped from my FFL to your FFL. If you are near Tampa we can also do FTF for less.
  6. I have standard 45C and cowboy 45C. The expander is actually completely different on the cowboy die. It works more like an bullet seater almost in that it it actually is a floating piece that centers itself in the case and is rouded on the bottom, that then moves up to the set point (thats adjustable) and expands the case more than flares it really. It actually does do a nicer job expanding than the standard 45C expander, i've found it to be more consistent and agnostic of slight case length variations. The rest of the dies are exactly the same as they would be in the non-cowboy set. The roll vs taper is a function of which round the dies are for, 45c comes with a roll, but 45ACP comes taper. 38/357 is also roll out of the factory. As a LnL man myself, i'd recommend just getting the standard 357 dies, and then pickup a lee factory crimp die with the savings. Also when you first get your press, check the tolerance on the subplate vs the drive and shim it with arbor shims to get it to between .003 and .004. It makes all the difference in a smooth press. How to Tune: https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/How_to_tune_the_Hornady_Lock_N_Load_AP_progressive_press/42-414607/ Arbor Shims: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002C2GPJ4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_image_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  7. Shhh, i'm negotiating with my wife to see how much more its gonna cost me to get a rifle and bribe her! Give a man a chance to work
  8. I've been meaning to ask, whats your 12 gauge load with unique? I have a pound of it that I've been looking at using in something and 12 ga would be a good use.
  9. For coated I've had good luck with a variety of vendors. I usually order in bulk and reload multiple calibers so I usually check out a variety to see who is giving me the best total deal. Ones i've used before are: Cimarron Bullets http://www.cimarronbullets.com SNS Casting http://www.snscasting.com/ Gallant Bullets (Free shipping on orders of 1K bullets) http://gallantbullets.com Missouri Bullets(Use Code SASS for 5% Off) http://missouribullet.com
  10. Win231 is my go to for 9mm. I load 4.5gr under a 115 3.9gr under a 124/125 and 3.3 gr under a 147 All of those are designed to make minor power factor with a little cushion.
  11. As roscoe said, use the big insert and take out the baffle, that should keep you in the +/- .3 range which with trailboss is perfectly fine since you're not usually at the floor (which is well below published loads typically) or the ceiling. If you want to be more in the typical +/-.1 buy a 5 dollar aquarium air pump from amazon and attach it to the side of the powder hopper.
  12. I only use the pins if I'm trying to scrub primer pockets or BP cases. I'm also anal about shiny brass though so I wet tumble to clean the inside and get rid of the lead, then after loading I dry tumble in walnut with turtle wax polish for 30 min or less to get that white gold mirror shine.
  13. The El Malo 2 came out this year at shot show. It is not short stroked and I thought it was actually the thunderer grip on it with a short sherrifs barrel. Edit: I just checked the link you sent and the reviews actually are for the eliminator so I think they are still working on the site. Edit 2: looks like it is an eliminator with out the short stroke. I just checked this link at ammo land https://www.ammoland.com/2019/03/cimarron-firearms-sequel-to-the-bad-one-el-malo-2/#axzz5lDaB2emA
  14. If you like the big bullet, and you want to shoot it in pistol with out a recoil penalty, load cowboy 45 specials for the pistols. I can load my c45s down to less than even mild .38s. sure the floor of the 38 is a little lower, but not by much. In rifle, the 45 is dirty but works perfectly fine and I you never notice recoil unless you are just really sensitive. Cost, I found your estimate to be right, it's about 2.5 cents more a 45.
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