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  1. I'll take it Johnny, I just sent you an Email.
  2. In this case im thinking the bolt interface that was too thick will wear down slightly and push it that last tiny bit tighter. But yes usually things loosen up and headspace opens up. Could happen here too if the links give more than the bolt.
  3. Glad it solved your issue! mine was actually .006 off between each side, once I evened them up and tuned an extra set of lifter springs I had the rifle is 1 finger light to open and close it. I did also check head space on mine to be a .005 after so after a few thousand rounds to finish wearing in the bolt it should be the perfect .004.
  4. I agree with almost everything said above. I've actually brought in 2 new shooters over the last year, but both are over 40. The investment to get started is pretty tremendous when compared to something like IDPA or USPSA or even modern 3-Gun. The pistol sports cost you about 500 for the gun, 150 bucks for the belt and holster and a couple extra mags, and you're off to the races. For 3 gun you can use the same 500 dollar pistol and rig, add a remington or mossberg for under 400 bucks, and an AR for ~600 with mags and you're off. For us its 800 - 1250 in pistols, 800-1K in rifle, and then 300 bucks for a shotgun. Add in leather at another 150-250 plus a gun cart and you're in the, "woah I could buy all of the popular plastic fantastics for that!" range. Now I honestly dont have a solution for this as the only thing I could think of is to add in an actual .22lr category that isnt eligible for overall but which you could shoot in if at least 1 of the guns was a .22. The starting costs would be way down, you wouldnt need to reload, and some of the older more arthritic folks might even take a stab at competing in the category since the recoil and weight could be a lot lighter.
  5. I have an Uberti 1873 Competition model rifle in 45LC with a 20" octagon barrel. It has been polished go along with the factory short stroke (a little shorter than a 3rd gen) and is extremely slick. It comes with original parts (if there is an original part you absolutely need let me know and i'll double check, but I'll send the bag where i think I put all the original parts) plus the following already installed: 1) Whisper Springs 2) Hardened screws 3) Lightened Brass Carrier (and unused stock brass carrier) 4) Smith Shop Light Duty Main Spring 5) Smith Shop light lever safety spring 6) Stainless Spring and Mag Follower 7) Brass Mag Tube Plug 9)Shotgun Buttstock (this is stock on the Competition Model) Also, as you can tell the stock and forend have been refenished in tru-oil to get rid of an extra terrible case of uberti red. Price is $1250 shipped from my FFL to your FFL, please PM me with any questions.
  6. I fully agree with this, although i think compete takes different shape for folks. For me I compete against myself and my previous times. When i'm improving I'm having a great time, when i'm regressing, it sure isnt as much fun.
  7. As the topic states, please pm me or post here if you have one.
  8. Isn't an Uberti actually a Beretta with Uberti stamped on it since Beretta is their owner?
  9. If you are using pins and not one of the Frankford arsenal spinning media separators (or something equivalent), you are doing it the hard way. Spin for about a minute, spin it the other way for a minute, all the pins are gone. https://www.brownells.com/reloading/case-cleaning/case-tumblers-accessories/platinum-series-wet-dry-media-separator-sku100032328-122120-227776.aspx?cm_mmc=cse-_-Itwine-_-shopzilla-_-100-032-328&utm_medium=cse&utm_source=connexity&utm_campaign=itwine&utm_content=100-032-328
  10. Would you trade this for the cash to buy an M&P 2.0 in 9mm?
  11. El Cubano

    sharps rifle

    From looking online a bit, sounds like 1-14 and 1-12 are what's used for heavy bullets in the 330+ range. May want to give those a try instead.
  12. If fireball doesn't I'll take them
  13. +1 This is about what I use as well. I have the #26 mec bushing which is 14.5-14.7 of clays or so. Unless someone specifically tells me to pay attention its indistinguishable from AA Low Noise/Recoil for me.
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