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  1. https://bordervigilantes.com this is the web site. I love this shoot. Everything is done-up in a big way. The stages are always interesting and with good movement. I shot with people from Australia in 2019 and they were a blast.
  2. I shot on Assassin's Posse and it was great fun. He was a helper all throughout the two days. His clean 480 rifle and pistol combination was very exciting to watch. I've shot with Pinewood Kid in several matches and had just as much fun. The two of them are what the game is all about and my Congratulations to Pinewood Kid. Hell, I cannot even get within 7 seconds of either one on just one Stage, let alone an entire match.
  3. Russ the address is Jerry McDaniel   251 cr 613  Kirbyville  Tx  75956  send me your address with the funds

    1. Russ The Red

      Russ The Red

      I will send the funds tomorrow along with my address. Thank you very much.

    2. Russ The Red

      Russ The Red

      +Happy I do have this address and funds are on the way.

  4. Sorry to hear about your illness. I am going to see a very good friend of mine who is dying of Parkinson's as a result of Agent Orange contact. He is a 25 year Marine and tough as they come by some of these diseases don't give a damn about toughness. Thank you for your time "in country."
  5. Rafe, did you know Billy Regan, Msgt? He was with me in Iraq.

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