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  1. 30 minutes ago, Mustang Gregg said:

    A Pard just contacted me about ordering stuff from eliteteloading.com.

    They have a snazzy looking website.

    Has anybody here ever used them?

    I'm very hesitant about ordering from unknown outfits when it's so hard to get stuff.

    Reviews anyone?

    Elite Reloading in NC? I’ve bought brass from them several times over the years. 

  2. 42 minutes ago, Three Foot Johnson said:

    I've never understood this question - the cannelure/ crimp groove is where it is, there's no moving it. I suppose each piece of brass could be trimmed to make a shorter overall length, but dang.

    I use an Accurate Molds 165 grain and an NEI 195 grain design, both of which load to 1.6" ±

    I had a Saeco mold at one time with a shoulder, kind of a SWC design, and have them about used up in pistol loads because of the short throats on my Uberti .38-40 rifles. Last weekend I had back to back matches Saturday and Sunday, and didn't take enough rifle rounds, so after the match Saturday, I sat outside my trailer with a knife and trimmed the shoulder off 20 of them. :lol:




    The purpose of the question was as this is the first large carrier rifle I have had I was curious if there is a "sweet spot" for cartridge length just as the small carrier seem to really seem to like 38 specials sized in the area of 1.485 oal. I know Roy and a few others have extensive experience with the 38-40.

  3. 6 hours ago, Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905 said:

    I want a new set of 45s  I am a Ruger fan but I can get two Pietta for less than the price one Vaquero. I am reading that the quality of the Piettas is very good. What say you

    I have a set of 357 Rugers NMV with the full Jimmy Spurs work up as my main match guns.  I've wanted to pick up a 2nd set for awhile but really couldn't justify the expense vs the need.  Last week I picked up a set of new Pietta Great Western II's in 45 from my local gun shop.  Out the door with NYS tax for less than $1000 total. I was influenced after watching Deuce's video review. I haven't used them in a match yet but the fit and finish is really good, the trigger pull is smooth. They will be a good back up set or a loaner if another cowboy needs them

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