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  1. I will see you at the match. Thanks.
  2. WTS: 7mm/.284 caliber -- 140 grain -- Soft point/boat tail copper jacket bullets. 99 total. No box or labels. I am also adding a mix of the same caliber but different weight and style bullets (roughly 30) $35 shipped. I take PayPal F&F, Venmo, checks from SASS members, or MO. First I'll take it here get them.
  3. The mold is used. I used it until I bought a Lyman mold from a member here. $45 shipped. I prefer PayPal F&F, but I take Venmo, checks from SASS members, and MO. First I'll take it here gets it.
  4. WTS: LYMAN .45 FN 405 GN MOLD #457193 While I have never used it, it is used. I bought it assuming I would someday get a .45-70 Springfield Trapdoor. $75 shipped I prefer PayPal F&F but will take Venmo, check from SASS members, or a MO.
  5. PayPal request sent. Pm'ed as well.
  6. For sale: Dillon Powder Measure 550 Tool Head Toolhead Stand What you see is what you get. $130 plus shipping. I prefer PP F&F but will take check or MO.
  7. Shipping is $8.45 unless you get something else I have offered in another ad.
  8. Roughly 400 230-grain RN cast .452 lubed lead bullets. $40 plus shipping I prefer PP F&F but will take check or MO. First I'll take it here gets them.
  9. 700 count .223 mixed head stamp range pickup brass. Pin-tumbled clean. $70 shipped. 300 count LP .45 ACP, mixed head stamp, range brass. Pin-tumbled clean. $50 shipped. I prefer PP F&F but will take check or MO.
  10. I am want to load a few .44-40 using APP or 777. The charts I find confuse me. It seems 30 grains by volume is what I need. My Lee 1.9 CC scoop doesn't fill the case to the point that the powder touches the bullet. I tried using my old adjustable BP measure set to 30 grains and it didn't fill the case to what I feel is the right level. I am using APP FFFG. While I have not tried it yet, my 777 is FFG. Ideally, I would like to use my 1st Generation Colt SAA (not VP proofed) occasionally in matches just for the fun of it. Advice?
  11. The vise is the Montana Mongoose. This vise is about 10 years old and has been in storage most of that time. There might be some differences from what is made now. It was a top grade vise when I bought it. https://www.griffinenterprisesinc.com/index.cfm/product/8_2/montana-mongoose-cam-operated.htm
  12. I am looking for .32 Short or Long Colt dies or a Lee Classic Loader is the same caliber. These are NOT .32 S&W Long or .32 New Police. Thanks. Edit: I found a seating/crimp die. Still looking for a sizing die and neck expander.
  13. That was a heck of a deal, the dies alone are running up to $100 in today's panic eBay market.
  14. I recommend splitting off the top punches and listing their numbers. I have multiple top punches for each die, based on bullet nose shape. The top punches bring $10-$15 on eBay.
  15. The Bisley was made for a specific shooting style; wrist and elbow bent. See the photo of Pancho Villa shooting one in the match stance. https://gunsmagazine.com/handguns/the-bisley-revolver/
  16. As in, the Holy Grail, hard to obtain for one reason or another. For me, it's the lack of funds. My Grail gun is a 1st generation acid-etched panel Colt SAA Colt Frontier Six-Shooter that hasn't been buffed, re-blued or bubba-ed with in any way, all honest wear, there by making it a $5,000 or more gun.
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