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  1. Keep the Bisley and shoot it. That's said, you couldn't have picked a worse time in history to procure everything needed to reload a new caliber. I am in the process of trying to do the same thing on a few ever rarer caliber cartridge's and it is crazy. The availability is null and prices insane.
  2. Agree. I own a HRA Henry. I use it on occasion to go with the 1872 opentops. They just cry out to play together for "Classic" Cowboy.
  3. Click on the three dots in the upper right corner.
  4. https://www.buffaloarms.com/reloading-supplies-accessories/jacketed-lead-copper-coated-bullets?cat=486&p=3
  5. That's fine. Somehow using ACP brass in an 1880s Forehand & Wadsworth British Bulldog just doesn't seem correct.
  6. Now you tell me. Where were you a month a go before I resold the 32 ACP brass???
  7. I am looking for 100-200 32 S&W brass cases. I tried this before and received .32 ACP cases. They are not the same. Thanks. Got some coming, thanks.
  8. The 400D was based on the Rebel line. The 40D was part of the low/mid-grade professional line. I used to have a 40D but sold it for the 60D. And now I rarely use it.
  9. Wow. My old HVAC instructor live right there. His name was Carl Bessimer (sp?) He lived on the east side of 666 about half way. He was a great teacher at San Juan Basin Vo-Tech. I have missed him over the years. That was 34 years ago. I also used to take lapidary classes from Mr. Sanchez just north of Cortez. Last time we were through there we stopped in and I think we spoke with his daughter. Good times.
  10. Having lived in Mancos, you can't beat Dolores. It is beautiful there. Lake McFee is huge. The high country is minutes away. If I wasn't still working I would want to move back to my happy place.
  11. Sorry but you need to be a SASS member to sell on this board.
  12. Like the buffalo, the vast stockpiles of surplus M2 ball ammo is gone except for those that are now reselling it at $1.50 a round. IMR 4895 and RL-12 are both listed as powders for the M1 Garand, with IMR-4895 being the go-to powder.
  13. A self bow is a one-piece bow made from a branch or sapling, no laminations, etc. I started making one years ago, but gave up trying to peel the bark off after it was dry, without breaking the next layer of wood. I have since learned, while making log furniture, that if one cuts the branch or sapling in the months that the leaves are forming (April and May) most tree bark peels right off like a sock. The best bows are made from Osage Orange, then hickory and ash. I tore up my elbow pulling back a bow, to the point just pulling my cell phone out of my breast pocket about put me to my knees. Aft
  14. It looks like someone was going to load for an M1 Garand. I wish I was closer...
  15. Here is another example. This was made by a well-known Zia (New Mexico) Native American potter recently.
  16. I photographed this is the Reel West exhibit in 2018. Notice the belt buckle. It's from 1931.
  17. I'll have to send my ostrich-feather cape to the cleaners first!
  18. Before anyone gets in a huff, the swastika symbol was used by Native American as a good luck symbol for hundreds of years before Hitler decided to use it. It is also known as the Whirling Logs. Many pre-WWII Navajo rugs and pottery displayed the symbol. Many holsters in the day also had the swastika on them as did conchos and belts. Some Native American artists are now reclaiming the symbol and putting it on their artwork.
  19. So... you're saying there no Liberace or Elton John shooting category?
  20. Just so we are clear, I assume the footwear requirements don't apply if the shooter has physical limitations and can't wear common styles. Both my wife and daughter have had foot operations. One wears AFOs (braces), the other has pins in her feet, so they wear Billy Shoes https://billyfootwear.com/
  21. Canon made a 400D about 15 years ago. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_400D The battery for it was the NB-2LH Battery Pack The 40D uses BP-511A, BP-514, BP-511, BP-512.
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