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  1. That brought back memories! We used to hunt snipe (related to woodcock) in south Florida and them birds are hard to hit. We experimented with every wild idea on how to make a pattern spread fast, even making cardstock dividers for the shot. (I saw it in a magazine.) It didn't help. I can't imagine using such a valuable asset to hold the top on! Not long ago the TP was worth more than the press!
  2. I have had both. The Lee had everything required to do any load using any powder. But, everything is plastic and I don't remember a way to empty the hoppers without unbolting it and dumping it upside down. (It has been 35 years so I may be mistaken.) I have a MEC Junior now and the quality is much better, but if I decide to change loads, I need to buy another bushing or shot bar. I do like the fact that I can easily remove, empty, and replace the shot and powder bottles. And Sportsman's Warehouse is just a 45-minute drive away and they stock many MEC parts.
  3. Some of you may not know about Boyds Gunstocks. They don't have everything but they do have many items for guns we use. I have bought stocks from them and they are very nice. https://www.boydsgunstocks.com/
  4. I got this small albino white-tailed buck in 2008 while living in Indiana. I had it a friend skin it and he did an awful job and put a few cuts in it. I had it professionally tanned. It has sat in my closet rolled up since. I need the shelf space back. It fits in a USPS flat-rate box. I would like $65 shipped. I added a photo of the back showing the cuts in red. The hide is roughly 36" long, 21" wide at the front, 30" wide at the back.
  5. $35 for all shipped. SPF I take PP, Venmo, check, or MO. See my other stuff for sale and combine shipping.
  6. Still thinning my shelves. $3.00 each plus shipping. I take PayPal, Venmo, Checks from SASS members, or MO. See my other books and items for sale and I'll combine shipping.
  7. Redding shows it as a .458 diameter.
  8. It pains me to type this but I just don't have time or room to resume tying flies and I can't say I enjoy getting my line tangled or "popping" a fly off by cracking the whip. I have thousands invested in a vise, tools, hooks, books, materials, etc. This literally is everything needed to get into fly tying. There is too much to haul out and photograph unless you are really serious. If you are local I also have fly rods and reels that can be added to the deal for additional funds. This stuff has been boxed up and I don't fully remember what all is in the boxes. I can meet up in Northern Pho
  9. Same here. I have to check and recheck just to make sure I don't send the wrong thing.
  10. Cholla

    CCI SR #400

    I have no idea. They were gone before I checked it.
  11. Cholla

    CCI SR #400

    I got an ammoseek alert for CCI #34 primers at Midway. I hopped on it and got 1K. You have to be fast. I shortened my email refresh time from 10 minutes to 2 minutes. I still missed out of SPP the other day.
  12. I have the RCBS ProMelt II. While I have not had the runaway lead issue, I do get some dribbles. I also get the spout freeze up and need to run the digital controller higher to get it not to do that.
  13. https://hodgdon.com/titegroup/
  14. kR, how did your dentures get in the lead pot? Hopefully you won't be using them after that.
  15. Having moved 15 times, sell and give away everything that you have not used recently. We just moved again last year and we finally got our storage unit emptied that we have been paying rent on for 18 months. As we are going through we we are both asking why in the heck we moved and paid rent to store the stuff. This is after we sent a U-haul van's worth of stuff to a local auction before we moved.
  16. I do. Some do not. SS pins do not come with this unit.
  17. Item 14 looks like a small Christmas tree skirt....
  18. That's odd. I did my friend did the same thing with a batch of cases. The looked like yellow pewter. I... he added more cases after removing the nickel cases and rewashed them with Dawn, detergent booster, and SS pins. They look like new and no difference can be noted.
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