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  1. I keep seeing that that having a reduced firearm category will never work for keeping score, and yet NCOWS does it.
  2. I am an example where it was an issue. I wanted to get into in 2002. I bought my first Colt Cowboy and then looked to join. I saw it took two pistols, a rifle, and a shotgun. That's not happening with a blue-collar worker raising kids working in a factory. It took 16 years and selling a book to get the money to buy all the guns. Yuppies trying to look like John Wick don't want to play cowboy. (ARs and wonder nines are far cheaper than what we use.) Us construction workers and factory workers that watch westerns when they get a chance do want to play cowboy. This is the first thing that comes u
  3. While I'm close to Ben Avery, it would have people dropping like flies in June.
  4. Try @Middlefork Bob, SASS #53945. That should get his attention.
  5. To lower your initial expense, you can use non-Dillon dies in the 550. I only have one setup that I use full Dillon dies on.
  6. Call Dillon and have them help you get what you want. The strong Mount is great. You will need the dies AND the conversion kit for each caliber you want to reload. It makes it easier if you have a separate toolhead for each caliber to make changing easy.
  7. The AE (Angle Eject)was to allow use of a Winchester and a scope. They are not allowed in NCOWS matches. (Let the NCOWS bashing begin...)
  8. I'll take the crimp die. PM me with payment info.
  9. Taylor's offers conversion cylinders for their 1851 and 1860 percussion revolvers. They are five-shot. Can I assume there is a hammer landing spot between the chambers so all five can be loaded?
  10. https://www.dixiegunworks.com/index/page/product/product_id/8408/category_id/339/product_name/IA0104+RWS+German+%2311+Percussion+Caps++-+<Font++color%3Dred>++%2430+HAZMAT+FEE+APPLIES+-+LIMIT++2<Font>
  11. It could be part of a leader that is broken. Without something to reference for scale it's hard to know. The hook is a circle hook that is designed to draw the hook to the corner of the fishes mouth if slowly reeled in. I have used them for flathead catfish and musky using live bait. It's best to wait until the fish starts to swim away and then reel the slack in. The hook can then set itself and it's fairly easy to remove. I use 100-pound test leaders for musky that use a clasp somewhat like that shown.
  12. That brought back memories! We used to hunt snipe (related to woodcock) in south Florida and them birds are hard to hit. We experimented with every wild idea on how to make a pattern spread fast, even making cardstock dividers for the shot. (I saw it in a magazine.) It didn't help. I can't imagine using such a valuable asset to hold the top on! Not long ago the TP was worth more than the press!
  13. I have had both. The Lee had everything required to do any load using any powder. But, everything is plastic and I don't remember a way to empty the hoppers without unbolting it and dumping it upside down. (It has been 35 years so I may be mistaken.) I have a MEC Junior now and the quality is much better, but if I decide to change loads, I need to buy another bushing or shot bar. I do like the fact that I can easily remove, empty, and replace the shot and powder bottles. And Sportsman's Warehouse is just a 45-minute drive away and they stock many MEC parts.
  14. Some of you may not know about Boyds Gunstocks. They don't have everything but they do have many items for guns we use. I have bought stocks from them and they are very nice. https://www.boydsgunstocks.com/
  15. I got this small albino white-tailed buck in 2008 while living in Indiana. I had it a friend skin it and he did an awful job and put a few cuts in it. I had it professionally tanned. It has sat in my closet rolled up since. I need the shelf space back. It fits in a USPS flat-rate box. I would like $65 shipped. I added a photo of the back showing the cuts in red. The hide is roughly 36" long, 21" wide at the front, 30" wide at the back.
  16. $35 for all shipped. SPF I take PP, Venmo, check, or MO. See my other stuff for sale and combine shipping.
  17. Still thinning my shelves. $3.00 each plus shipping. I take PayPal, Venmo, Checks from SASS members, or MO. See my other books and items for sale and I'll combine shipping.
  18. Redding shows it as a .458 diameter.
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