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  1. Looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I recently purchased an Evans repeating rifle that's missing the front sight. Anyone have/know anyone who MAY have one for sale? Appreciate it. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  2. PM headed your way. Just check your mailbox icon, click it to open, then you can just hit reply. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  3. Thanks, Texas - PM sent back to you! Keep Your Powder Dry, Wild Ben
  4. Since I've got some down time due to the surgery, it seemed prudent to clear out the closet a bit. Got some things for the beginner, collector, small guy and big man - if I don't have it, you don't need it All prices include shipping in the lower 48, and I'll do a package deal on anything you see. Thanks for looking, Wild Ben 1) SOLD Sunbody plains hat. Leather band, size 7 1/8. Worn only once - like new. $45 2) SPF Knudsen 10x fur felt bowler. 5.5" crown, 2.75" brim, silk ribbon band, size 7 1/2. Excellent condition. $95 3) SOLD ORIGINAL Bond derby hat from around 1900. Some loose stitching in the sweatband and brim, but still wearable - or just display it. Size 7 3/8 - 7 1/2. $50 4) Biltmore small brim fedora. Size 7 1/2. Good for early 20th century shooting or general wear. $45 5) ORIGINAL NORTH AND JUDD SPURS. These were squeezed in to fit smaller boot heels, but could be pushed back out. Anchor mark visible. Steel construction, nickel plate. $115 6) ORIGINAL CHIHUAUA SPURS. Eight point, 1 3/4 rowels, thick steel bands with simple markings, old spur straps. I'd guess these are from around 1870-1890, but don't know for sure - the design is early 19th century Mexican. Would be great for display, or put on a new pair of spur straps and they could be worn to a shoot. Definitely unique! $145 7) SPF Colt Walker powder flask. Works like it should - lightly used. $45 8) SOLD Used shirt and pants. Old dress shirt - looks like been on the range with the stains included at no extra charge . Frontier classics pants much cleaner and newer. Pants size 38, shirt size 46L. Both for $20 9) "City boots". Size 14. Just old harness boots with the straps cut off, but under trousers they look like old square toe shooters boots. $25
  5. Thanks for the well-wishes and prayers, gang. I think the surgery went well: titanium plate, nine screws and numerous stitches. Have to wait for the swelling to go down, but I should get back most of my mobility. To answer the big question: yes, the horse is fine! I was able to get him to avoid the pole, but lost my seat and I zigged while he zagged. Even got a picture of it! Keep your powder dry (and your seat in the saddle!), Wild Ben
  6. Well, had myself a bad horse wreck last weekend and ended up with a severely fractured left wrist. Bad thing for a double duelist Headed to the sawbones for surgery tomorrow, so any of y’all who talk to The Boss upstairs, please put in a kind word for me. Until then . . . Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  7. You're dead-on about that, hoss! Those Henrys are a blast - especially with black powder! HOW is this still for sale?
  8. Hoping to dude-up some cowboys here before I throw these out on the world wide web! Got a pair of barely worn Lucchese Caiman Crocodile cowboy boots in 14D that, quite frankly, are a tad small for my 14.5D foot. I'd say if you wear a true 14 or 13.5, you'd be fine with these, but I'm pushing the boundaries and my toes don't appreciate it. They retail new for between $500-$600. Sadly, I've only worn them maybe a dozen times, and I'll sell them for $285 shipped in the lower 48. Won't find a better price on a good pair of exotic skin boots. Would also trade towards vintage spurs, 1800s style saddles and revolvers. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  9. Bump for a gorgeous rifle. Would that I could. . . Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  10. IF you head further east towards Fayette County, KY (Lexington area), The Boot Store just outside of Nicholasville, KY has the best selection of western wear I've seen in the mid-west. It's more like a small Texas shop than a Boot Barn or something like that. They aren't the cheapest, but all they have is top quality and they have tons of sizes for us hard to fit folks. Can't go wrong with them. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
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