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  1. The later, the greater! Maybe THAT's why my checkbook was all messed up . . . Keep your powder dry . . . and what year is it anyway? 1871?? Wild Ben
  2. Not so much, DB. They've been posting it on their Facebook page this week. Apparently, however, you need to enter the code "30 OFF" at checkout. Reckon it's what we'd call a "soft sale". Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  3. Just figured I'd pass along some information I stumbled across yesterday: Fugawee Historical Footwear is putting all their in-stock boots on sale tomorrow (1-30-19) and Friday for 30% off. I bought a pair of brogans from them last fall, and really like them when I'm not wearing my Coffeyville boots. I tried a pair of their stovepipe boots, but they ran too wide for me (C/D width). Anyway, if you want a pair of authentic "shooters boots", it's always better to buy them on sale than full price. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  4. I dunno, Dave - the way Commie-fornia is going, you may need all the non-gun guns you can get!! Nice pistol - I've got one of those and it's a "go-to" for me. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
  5. Looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack. I recently purchased an Evans repeating rifle that's missing the front sight. Anyone have/know anyone who MAY have one for sale? Appreciate it. Keep your powder dry, Wild Ben
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