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  1. wow those altamont stag grips look awesome... good looking great plinking fun...
  2. Hey all.. re: Jim / Longhunt He was very gracious to take my call and take the time to answer my newbie questions.. Commendable... He has every right of course to his opinions as someone in the trench working on revolvers... I didnt say anything untoward re: Jim ... my impression of Longhunt is quite the opposite.. First class ! FWIW - Im coming in cold to research SAA & Im all ears - gleaning what I can from experts. so far if Pietta is considered high quality Im leaning that way to get a true clone l( hammer spur & no hammer safety ) on a budget ( vs a $2k Colt or Standard Mfg ) ...
  3. I knew I was coming to the right place for info.. with the advice that current Pietas are not a quality issue.. the Alchimistas and Cimarron Frontier get me the close to the Colt SAA, without the damn Uberti trigger safety !
  4. Hey Jefro.. since you note no issues w/ Pietta.. the Alchimistas look great! .. and avoid the Uberti trigger safety issue.. ! .. and get that 4 click.. tnx!
  5. @warden.. I don’t see Piettas at Longhunt, and duly noted, tnx. Ill check out the Alchemistas too
  6. for what its worth, Jim at LongHunt did specifically mention to stay away from Pietta ( Chiappa even worse ) as notably inferior and inconsistent quality.. I dont mean to rankle in any way.. - no offense intended! —just trying to glean what I can from you who have experience before ploppin’ down my hard earned moolah
  7. Hey Sixgun, and all.. Ill dovetail on yr post as it has to do w evaluating Ubertis... as you , I have jones for SAA revolvers, but I cant afford a Colt... the Ubertis look great and I was going to post here looking for opinions.. Im not a cowboy action shooter, but am aware most like the built like a tank aspect of the Vaquero.. I spoke w Jim at Long Hunt asking about the Taylors&Co Smoke Wagon ( since its Uberti ) and he quite honestly spoke very highly of it.. granted they do tuning , honing, replace springs and more.. I would be looking at the .357 and he said they can handle the load, albeit Id likely reload custom recipes and not a steady diet of high power loads.. He did confirm they are only 3 click because of the hammer pin safety config, but said theyre fine quality and the sell as many as the Vaquero.. so Ill be anxious to minitor replies from the SASS community as probably the most qualified re: the modern Ubertis - Mark ( Rocky Frisco if I join SASS )
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