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  1. Tried the shot load today using the Lee .095 powder drop measure. That dropped about 11.9-12 gr and that worked out pretty good. 7/8 oz of shot. That load had a softer re-coil.

    Thanks A Mil.


    1. Michigan Slim

      Michigan Slim

      Glad to help. A 20 can be snappy and miserable to shoot when it doesnt have to be.

    2. Westwood Willie

      Westwood Willie

      With factory loads the Stoeger was bangin' my knuckle pretty good. The re-loads didn't seem to do that. Gotta do more shootin' now.

      Tnx Slim



      FYI; WW are the initials of my real name, the name of my high school and team name, and my SASS alias.

      Too Much Fun

    3. Michigan Slim

      Michigan Slim

      LOL. My alias is because I grew up in Michigan and I weigh 130 lbs at 6 foot.

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