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  1. I used the polish capper in the 2022 SASS Western Frontiersman Territorial and it worked well. I used one side to place the cap and the other to seat it. The capper something every cap and ball shooter should consider having.
  2. I was shooting 45 colt in all my guns but when I saw that the supply of large pistol primers was getting choked off I moved to 38 sp so I could keep shooting. Otherwise I could see the end of the trail. As far as performance of small primers in the 45 acp I've had no problem with them pinging metal targets and cycling the gun. I use federal primers and win 231 . I've never had anyone complain to me for using them . I sometimes end up with 44 special brass mixed in with my 45 colt and my press doesn't like that either.
  3. I tried Natchez and had the same problem. I don't think I would try magnums in the 1911. Why don't you just buy some 45 acp brass that takes small primers?
  4. FYI - Reply from Texas Grips RE - New Army Remington Thank you for the inquiry and my apologies for the slow response. Unfortunately, I only have patterns for the 1873 and the 1875/1890 at this time. I am working with EMF on getting patterns for the other Pietta models, but it will be a while before I have them ready for production. Thank you, Henry Lance Texas Grips henry@texasgrips.com 361-549-9512
  5. Thanks for the tip Driftwood! I will give that a try. DeaconKC - sounds like something I will try - thanks! Started looking at Ruger old army but out of the budget for now.
  6. Yes I read that- my mod is pretty rough. Hard to make it conform to the shape. The block I cut was close to the right shape but by the time I got it on there it changed the shape. I guess I need to keep looking for some grips. I wasn't really trying to create a target grip though just something that I could get my hand on.
  7. Thanks Hoss! I sent them an email to see if they make any for the New Army Remington.
  8. I have a question about pistol grip modification. So far as I can tell from the rules, and I may be wrong here, you can put fatter grip stocks or plow grips on your pistols . I have a pair of new army Remington Pietta pistols and my hands don't fit them well, (fingers fall off the end of the gun). I looked for some extended/larger grips but can't find any. I decided to make an extension that fit the contour of the gun and then attach it with leather wrap. That was one modification I made to the gun. The other modification was because my finger kept getting pinched by the trigger guard so I sanded down a leather cork and attached it using a leather wrap through the trigger guard and around the back of the gun. Please advise. Thanks in advance!
  9. I hear some of the old timers saying that they had a bit more fun when it wasn't all about speed . Some of it was about accuracy and creative targets. Everyone gets sick of rules after a while right? Of course we can never ignore safety. An easy class to add would be "open class" which would allow you to shoot your guns in any of the already approved methods. So if a stage looked gunfighter and the next looked like you need a couple of hands to shoot it straight go ahead. What would a cowboy do?
  10. I can usually fix this problem by adjusting the nut that holds the shell plate down. I also keep some canned air and spray it now and then to keep the crap out.
  11. If they travel to a war zone they need to Cowboy Up.
  12. Has anyone used Microlon black powder lube? (or any of their products)
  13. I did the big wheel welding cart too - race ya
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