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  1. It’s not so much that the cartridge is a burner as the application that it’s used in. Numerous shots in rapid succession, getting hot and used when hot helps accelerate throat erosion. carbon fiber would have a smaller steel profile and be more prone to heat….intended for fewer shots but being lighter to carry as the trade off.
  2. Huh…scope link showed a Second Focal Plane which the reticle would stay the same size but the sub tensions are only correct on a certain power and I haven’t ever seen a dual plane scope so new to me. FFP would have correct readings at any magnification.
  3. Sounds fun! What magnification does the reticle read correct MOA on would be my only concern as a hunting rifle? Hopefully it’s not max power….assuming 12 or 16? Looks like a nice optic for sure! After trying neck sizing I’m not sure it’s worth the cost of the extra die or potential extraction fun but that’s just me. I’ll still try and talk you into this light, handy rifle with a 10 round mag good for target shooting and hunting and do nothing to it and easily get under 1/2 moa….but likely too late Could always go 6.5 prc….glad you avoided the 6.5 Weatherby though. Always exciting to get a new setup! Congrats and looking forward to the final. https://www.sportsmans.com/shooting-gear-gun-supplies/rifles/tikka-t3x-compact-tactical-black-bolt-action-rifle-65-creedmoor/p/1470281
  4. I can just picture myself on a hunt that will never happen….Rossi R92 new made model in 454, Toklat loaded up with 454 in my chest holster and my small 4 pound or whatever it is ruger alaskan downloaded with 45 colt bear load in a hip holster….it would be a squirrel hunt for the ages.
  5. Dan….you need to stop encouraging me. I’ve been noticing the 454s coming down and my 480 Alaskan might want a friend….plus the toklat 454 could use a little brother. Trying to find a 454 lever as well….
  6. Got talked into a turkey on Wednesday….small one in progress
  7. Watched this two days ago….while in Florida for vacation. Anyways we drove by a Bucees (first we have seen and never been in) on the way down in Northern Alabama and my lord it was huge on the outside. We kept joking we would make it a destination on the way back, then I watched this video and showed the wife. The anticipation built on the way home and kids asked a million times if how far away bucees was. Finally get there and wow you couldn’t find a parking spot…got inside and it was a zoo….packed with tons of people going every which way. The wall of jerky was impressive, but there was also a meat counter for the jerkey and the cherry maple was fantastic. I asked one of the several counter ladies if it was always this busy and she said indeed it was. The bathrooms were massive and nice, overall the store was extremely clean and no less than 10 billboards advertising pay of 17-22 dollars an hour to start there. Got some snacks, jerkey, cinnamon cashews, and I had to try the brisket sandwich which I thought was average. Overall it was like a strange child of a gas station, tractor supply, and Cabelas…..Apparently it’s pretty common for the kids at high school to wear bucees shirts and such yet too…
  8. We just buy a turkey breast, we like white meat and saves a lot of preparation and waste. This year we aren’t even having turkey….tamales instead.
  9. Actually WA state does have provisions for them to collect. Just wanted to see how it works here before showing up to pick up so as not to be surprised or taken advantage of.
  10. Greetings, for those in TN….if I order a firearm via a seller online that does not collect tax and they ship to my FFL, will my FFL collect sales tax here when I pick up? Sometimes sellers don’t include the invoice, sometimes they do…just trying to avoid getting “robbed” as I had happen before paying “tax” to an FFL and when I used a different one he said they never collect tax unless they sell it. For example I could buy online at a seller with no tax, or one that charges tax…help me make the right decision I know it’s my civic duty to report and pay and surely will do that…..
  11. I hope you feel better…I’ve had a few guns on my wish list…and have been very good just watching them in my cart until you posted this. also as I am living in TN for a limited period of time, I best get while the getting is good as I see these are a no go in more and more states. ordered up a Hellcat pro with the shield so will see how it compares to yours! Also got the Prodigy 4.25 inch, a 3” Python to go with my 4.25” one, and a DDM4 V7 pro….Anaconda left to get yet just cus….my wife doesn’t know I am diversifying our portfolio through more physical assets
  12. Replace front sight yet or they improve from the black blade?
  13. Similar eye situation but works for me. I have however been eyeballing that same RDP model or maybe going the PRO route with the optic to save a 175 bucks. Curious how you like it..
  14. Front end grapple might really suit your needs….but have to have 3rd hydraulic port/function available in most cases.
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