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  1. I'll also recommend Dan olddanriver@twc.com 812.453.3168
  2. I had my 7 1/2" ROA holsters made by Dan Parmenter - olddanriver@twc.com 812.453.3168
  3. Geez - clean your gun Boy ! I think I see a speck in the lower corner !! LOL just kidding Looking forward to seeing you shoot that beauty soon !
  4. Sell them and stick to your beautiful Cap-n-Ball guns !
  5. Reach out to Jimmy Spurs. I just got two from him - one for match and a back-up ! Super smooth and I hope fast !
  6. and remember to buy your Vista Outdoors (VSTO) Stock -- the following is from last week: Vista Outdoor (VSTO) reports a 65% surge in fiscal 2Q ammunition sales, a sign that Americans aren't just buying more guns, they're prepared to load them too. Pricing has improved across the industry as inventories have been run down, and fiscal 2022 sales and profit guidance is above the top end of analysts' estimates. Profits in the quarter also blew past estimates, with the stock up 7% in pre-open trade. (doug.cameron@wsj.com) Vista Outdoor (NYSE: VSTO) reported a blowout quarter and raised full-year guidance, sending shares up as much as 12% in Thursday trading. Vista, a maker of shooting sport and outdoor gear and products, reported fiscal second-quarter earnings of $2.41 per share on revenue of $778.46 million, easily topping analyst expectations for $1.80 per share in earnings on sales of $725 million. The company reported strong results in both operating segments, but the shooting sports business is doing particularly well. You can thank me when you retire, or sell. (joke)
  7. I'm a new Re-loader, so I don't have much to show - But I FILL my cases to the TOP, crimp them tight, and shoot them LOUD with plenty of GUNSMOKE ! #sorrynotsorry #not making oatmeal #boom
  8. Send the guns to Mike Brackett - Goon Gunworks - goonsgunworks@gmail.com They will never fail you. Get a polish capper https://www.polishcappers.com/en/products/universal-capper-made-by-polish-cappers-model-pcc-for-over-150-percussion-caps-11.html
  9. Welcome - come one, come all....but leave your socialism where you are coming from !
  10. That signature by the secretary might be the first indicating of the start of our failing school systems !!! (joke) He should have just "made his mark "X"" At least you will never know who signed as Secretary !!! LOL What year did you get 7429 ?
  11. My suggestion is for The Polish Capper https://www.polishcappers.com/en/products/universal-capper-made-by-polish-cappers-model-pcc-for-over-150-percussion-caps-11.html All my ROAs love it too !
  12. Mike - you are killing me !! I just can't, I have too many !!!!! I hope these go to a great home ! The ROA is the best !!!
  13. Is that about two months supply for you and the family ?! And since your son shoots twice as fast as you, does that count as double the primers needed ?? (sarcasm added for humor)
  14. I will be the first "I'll take it " ! PM with details to send the money.
  15. On a more serious note, Jason Vanderbrink with Vista Outdoors has said publicly, the Vista Outdoors remains committed to sending ammunition's and supplies to all components in their sales channel. He has discussed the perils of only selling to the big guys, which will drive out the small businesses. He implied in the famous YouTube, that some Big Retailer could buy all their supply - just to meet the demand at a Big Retailer - but VSTO won't allow that. Manufacturers face great peril when there are few channels to sell thru - both moral and financial peril. Mr. Vanderbrink seems to present a Corporate image that VSTO is carefully weighting a multitude of pressures and supply chain forces when fulfilling orders. Vista Outdoors stock is up 67% year to date - and given the continuous and unending shortages, you might consider stocking up on some VSTO shares.
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