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  1. We saw the movie tonight: 1. it's Cowboy - how can you miss it?! 2. it's very slow moving 3. there are four or five significant story lines, headed to a convergence - which is why it took so long (3 hour movie) - too many for my preference. 4. Costumes, leather, horses, scenery, and guns were great - no significant errors that catch your attention (but I'm not a gunsmith or historian) 5. There are several morality questions, but with the constant storyline changes, they can't develop the characters enough for you to feel for them, or against them.. There are difficult situations, and sometimes too violently gratuitous. 6. I hope Kevin Costner would NOT take that laying still. 7. Yes, I would have waited for it to show up on cable / netflix.
  2. MM - are you really number 303 ? What year did you get your number ?
  3. Second best movie every - Pale Rider. My number one is Josey Wales. What are yours?
  4. Larsen, I'm having trouble with the crimp on my Dillion 550C for 44-40. Will you come over and help a novice out ? Its going to be a Hundred here tomorrow - just like home !! !! I hope you get plenty of rounds out of the new press !! Cheers !
  5. I just keep repeating to myself "It won't fit in my RV". This little phase has saved me plenty of money and some embarrassing performance anxiety in the loading room !
  6. not getting any cheaper, not getting any younger.
  7. I support the idea that 'variety' makes things fun. I don't have nearly the options as you Gun Masters, but a simple shotgun change can also liven-up a match. I'm headed to the RV Lifestyle, so I have to pare-down my calibers and my collections. My wife would rather have space for clean towel in the RV closet, than 22 pairs for pistols !! LOL Keep it Fun !
  8. I don't think I've ever seen a Fifty-plus (50 +) item signature line. Congratulations.
  9. ........or a pair of proven and indestructible Ruger Old Army's !?
  10. Arrived as described ! Wednesday it was on my porch !
  11. UPS says my order will be here Wednesday 5/29/24 2,000 piece of AWESOME !
  12. Bought 100 lbs of Goex in 2021 when they had their last explosion, and decided to call it quits. At my current rate of participation, this should last me until I'm as old as Noah. For those wondering, Noah lived to be 950 years old. I don't shoot much anymore......LOL
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