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  1. Howdy Cowrustler.

    My FFL needs your FFL's contact info- website, phone, email, and/or fax. They will contact your FFL to do the FFL thing. They will not accept it from anyone but the receiving FFL.

    Meanwhile ronwsmith59@gmail.com is my email.

    Send USPS money order, bank counter check or personal check to:

    Ron Smith

    14651 Indigo Ct.
    Harvest, AL 35749

    Money order and bank check go to my FFL next business day, personal check has to clear first (1-3 business days).

    I'll need your real name and phone number to put with the gun so your FFL knows who it's for and can call you.

    Thanks, Ron "Ironhead" Smith

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    2. Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Excellent Bill, let me know how you like it.

    3. cowrustler


      Ron, just picked it up and it looks great. If the wind wasn't howling I'd take it out and shoot it. very pleased and thank you, Bill

    4. Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      Ron "Ironhead" Smith

      You're welcome Bill and thank you. Enjoy!

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