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  1. Part of fast Eddie action job on a skb is usually a mechanical assist so the inertia acts like a mechanical trigger
  2. I have a couple and really like them
  3. Shot gun boogie makes a 66 style to go on a 73
  4. Two pair camel bone grips for new model vaquero these look good they are made by unknown maker. 110.00 shipped for the two pair
  5. I would think the title of the match is fine since everyone has the same opportunity to sign up to shoot and everyone is faced with the same challenges for travel and covid. Sass does not require a shooter to have any qualifier to be eligible to compete for the title so no one is missing out it is open to all who want to throw there chip in the bucket and compete. Mag the best shooter win
  6. It will be a much better drive for us south east region pards who have had to make the long haul
  7. Florida has nice weather and a good governor who has kept us open
  8. To keep it moving I have these loading strips one is 38 and one is 45 just let me know who could use them and where to send them.
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