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  1. In need of once fired AA Winchester hulls for 12 gauge and will be at Comin at cha in Texas if anyone has some they can spare. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  2. I am newish at the two years of shooting mark. I use monthly matches as a place to really push myself and shoot more aggressive. So I look at it as more practice butt I am competitive so I like to try to do my best to stay competitive.
  3. I run red dot and a 22 bushing as well and love the load it is a great choice.
  4. Btt lower price now 100.00 shipped
  5. Thanks for the offer but looking for wood or buffalo horn that fit the omv
  6. Pair of lightly used Durango stove pipe boots they are 11 1/2 d. They are nice and have a lot of good years left in him. 125 shipped
  7. Three cut does great work I have friends that have his short strokes they feel great but my joe Perkins feel as good and both there strokes joe vs three cut are basically the same I know three cut told me 400 for the short stroke and joe was 275 . You can’t go wrong with either both are great gunsmiths.
  8. Pm sent to you last call ranger very interested
  9. I need buffalo horn if anyone has any not being used
  10. I will second joe Perkins classic single actions he has done some for me great work reasonable price quick turnaround
  11. I need ruger omv eagle gunfighter grips let me know what you got not being used. Thanks bucky
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