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  1. If you could find a good venue and then advertise heavy in that area you could bring in a whole new group of spectators and hopeful future participants
  2. Host big events like eot at different locations in the country so more people can participate and new people can come see the biggest events in our association.
  3. You can shoot it smokeless. Just not going to be a black powder champ
  4. Bucky is scared of a top hand like you. You are truely a great person and you shoot well too. Can’t wait for you to be back down here
  5. My daughter who is 9 wants to shoot with me and I need a short butt stock for a stoeger 12g sxs hope there is one out there I don’t want to cut what I have because she is growing so fast. Any help appreciated for my new shooter I have a skb as well but figure harder to find stock for it
  6. this is a 38 slide for 2 1/2 inch belt holds 6 and is 6 1/2 wide to put between your holsters it was just made
  7. Btt need army grip hopefully
  8. The trigger gaurd is also brass as well hopefully someone has something laying around
  9. I have a uberti saa target model with brass back strap and need a replacement 1 piece grip. I tried a grip from my ubert saa black powder frame steel back strap revolver and it would not fit any help appreciated
  10. Working on a project and am in the need of a couple triggers for ruger vaquero/ new Blackhawk triggers I know I can buy them new but was hoping someone would have some in a parts bin they weren’t using to keep the budget good thanks for any help blued or stainless would be fine thank for looking any help appreciated.
  11. Had mine done on a shotgun that was done by goatneck Clem he said it would reduce recoil some I liked the gun don’t know if it really reduced the recoil
  12. I would take the shell belt with floral conchos and canvas from pioneer gun works 50.00
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