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  1. Interested in hornady pistol bullet feeder
  2. I have one set for one gun of eagle gunfighter rose wood grips for what I believe is a xr3 short grip frame they fit my omv but are about a quarter inch shorter. They do not have a grip screw. 75.00 shipped
  3. I am in need of some once fired Remington sts hulls 12 gauge pm me with what you got thanks for the help. Bucky
  4. Lifters are hardened try filing one to time it. The gun timing is where it needs to be. a out of battery caused the bend but you are missing the point the arm bends real easily as if not properly heat treated jim says he has them treated to a Rockwell hardness of 35-40 he sources the work out just seeing if anyone has re heat treated one. I will normalize and re harden the part but wanted a idea of what temperature to heat treat to without Jim being able to tell me the steel it is made from I will guess
  5. Jim was unable to tell me the steel used and did offer a replacement but the lifter in the rifle was replaced once already and this arm did no better then the last they bend really easy and I want to try to get them to last better my older kits from him did not have this issue I don’t know if it’s the new products are being made by a different manufacturer for him but the seem softer
  6. Has anyone attempted to re heat treat there lifter arm after it was bent. Mine bent and I bent it back but it seems to bend real easy so I want to re harden and then temper it again any info appreciated
  7. Congratulations way to whoop us wranglers great shooting
  8. For sale a pair of cimarron thunderstorms. These are blued color case. They are 357mag with 4 5/8 inch barrels They came from cimarron with the low hammer and factory short stroked. For sale face to face at eot 1400.00
  9. I will take it
  10. Beautiful colors. Is there a reason he case hardened the hammer screw with it and not the other two screws
  11. I have a pair for my daughter they are heritage big bore in 357 . She loves them they do have a transfer bar in them and she loves them. They are made by pietta and for the price point a great gun
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