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  1. Your a patient man I would have told him to send me my guns back and took my business elsewhere.
  2. My powers custom pins dropped in without any mods on two sets of vaqueros new and old
  3. Up for grabs is 100 new Hornady brass, new set rcbs dies and shell holder, and Speer 170 gr hcfn hot-cor bullets. I payed over 160 for all this stuff new first 100 takes it shipped to your door
  4. Mr w

    Your 3 Tips

    I have been shooting for a little over a year and am in the game of coarse for having fun and enjoying all the good people. But for me I also want to to be competitive and the best I can be. my advice as being new try out all the equipment at a local match before you buy I have wasted so much money buying a deal then realizing I needed something different. Most cowboys are happy to help you out. watch all the shooters fast slow alike and ask them for there wisdom as to how to shoot a stage where to position yourself and guns and how to be most efficient. Where should your eyes be. Everyone no matter where in the pack they shoot have pearls of wisdom.
  5. Thanks for all the good tips I currently use my pistols to wet form then a piece of oak I cut to what I feel opens them up enough to make a good channel for the barrel and sight to travel in I always dye my leather after I met mold it as well mongo I usually put first coat of oil o. Then dye while it’s soaking In To get a good uniform color
  6. I was more thinking of the channel the barrel and sight slide in and out I wet shape my holsters and this is good but not the best at forming a good path for the front sight to follow didn’t know if these made that shape better or not
  7. Are these good do they provide a good shape for a vaquero
  8. Btt for Some nice guns and a good cowboy to boot
  9. I had a similar issue turned out my short stroke links wore enough to cause my head space to be to much and threw everything out of time, failure to extract,
  10. I agree. I shot the three matches and what a blast. These are two great ranges and fun matches to shoot.
  11. Trying to get a set of buffalo horn for old model vaquero gunfighter grip let me know if you have a set you are willing to part with thanks
  12. Mr w


    They are for nmv they are yours
  13. Mr w


    Two pair like new walnut grips for ruger new model vaquero 70.00 shipped obo
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