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  1. Mr w


    Thank you for the clear explanation
  2. Mr w


    Help learn me. The first scenario earned the sdq because until he finished clearing the last gun he has not finished the stage where as in scenario 2 all guns have been cleared so he had finished the stage.
  3. Mr w


    There was no order on the cowboys on the plate rack said engage the 6 cowboys but it states make up any left Up with designated shotgun Target then it states engage buffalo targets with remaining four round he only shot those 3 times and it did not say you could make them up with shotgun. I see it as a miss for only shooting them 3 time in my mind the question is did he get a p for shooting 7 at the 6 cowboys or is that just a miss which he occurred when he only had 3 to shoot at the buffalo
  4. Mr w


    A miss for failure to shoot 4 th round on stationary target. If shooter shot extra at plate rack would that be p or just misses that he was able to make up with shotgun which he did. If you dump 5 pistols rounds on a rifle target it is not a p but 5 misses.
  5. India did ban the export of Sambar stag and I don’t know if it still is eagle sells there Sambar stag for big money look on there site
  6. I am in need of two stainless triggers/paws/bolts to return some guns back to stock let me know if you have any spares parts laying around. Thanks for any help I know I can buy them new thought I would check here first. Any help appreciated.
  7. I will take sacketts land,the warriors path,jubal sackett, ride the river, the day breakers, lando, Mojave crossing, the sackett brand, sky-liners, the lonely men, mustang man, Galloway, treasure mountain, ride the dark trail, lonely on the mountain, conagher, taggart let me know where to send the funds thanks
  8. Dang just tried to order only one left guess I was two slow I tried to explain to the sales lady that pistols only come in pairs but she was unable to help me
  9. I have two sets of grips that fit a ruger vaquero old model not new model.These are altmont grips and are in excellent condition. 75.00 dollars shipped to you.
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