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  1. Wow, great responses from everyone. Many thanks! I love Cowboys. What I get from all this is that I need to use .38 special brass, the feeding/cycling was not the problem, it was my fault in probably short stroking the lever. I most likely don't need to make any modifications to the rifle as I already slicked it up per the Billy the Avenger's video except maybe get the Ranger Point extractor. Oh, and Lumpy, all my screws are nice and tight. Happy shooting.
  2. Well, this answers my question. I'll have to stay with .38 special brass.
  3. Thanks for all of the info. Garrison Joe mentioned OAL, but no one addressed using a .357 case. My thinking is that if the gun is made to shoot a .357 cartridge, which is longer than a standard .38 special, would using the longer case be a better option?
  4. No, only when I'm running real fast.
  5. Hey, my main match rifle is a 73 but last year I got a new 1894 Marlin Cowboy in 357/38. I slicked it up and it feels nice and smooth. I'm using tapered nose, flat point, 125 grain coated bullets from Missouri Bullet Company. I use the bottom groove to crimp so my overall length is around 5.6. When shooting fast I occasionally jack out a round. What is the best OAL for a cartridge for this gun? Has anyone tried using .357 brass for this gun?
  6. Hi, I'm curious, who was the original Driftwood Johnson?

    1. Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      Driftwood Johnson, SASS #38283

      I am the original Driftwood Johnson.


      That was just a joke. It was a tintype photo I had done a few years ago at the Great Nor'Easter. I'm not really that old, the photo just makes me look old.

  7. I use Hi-tek bullets from Missouri Bullet Company. They are a red brown color. I am happy with them. Are they the same or different than powder coated bullets?
  8. I just got a Uberti 73, "Codymatic", 20 inch octagonal barrel, in .44-40. Really like it. Shot about 90 rounds at the range yesterday. The action was nice and smooth. Will shoot it at my match this Saturday in Charlottesville, VA.
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