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  1. I did a Stevens 311 20 ga years ago. Had MANY hours invested but it came out real nice. I never did fit a butt plate to it for some reason. Planned on checkering it but did not have the nerve after buying the tools
  2. that was a comment on the post above mine and not a recommendation to the OP. He indicated Acoustic guitar.
  3. After enlarging the image, I see these are 357 Mag caliber. Nice guns!
  4. the ES 335 is one of my favorite all time guitars!
  5. a professional set up is the best way to get the most out of any guitar
  6. I have an old Guild that is like new. I bought it, had a professional luthier do a set up and add an electric pick up. For some reason I just lost interest and it has hardly any play time. Comes with hard case. Will send pics if interested. 500.00 plus any shipping charges.
  7. sorry to hear this. I have followed him for years.
  8. results look good! wish I had been there
  9. Allie God bless you for forwarding these updates. Continuing prayers for Velvet Glove.
  10. To be fair a Stoeger warranty is useless to cowboy shooters
  11. my thoughts are that they are a 200$ shotgun with a 500$ price tag. Cheaply made. The upside is they serve a lot of cowboys well in this game and are readily available. I would still use one if my category did not require hammers. If I buy another one it will be with double triggers....
  12. I had one give me trouble. I sold it on here (I did disclose the issue)
  13. this happened to me around a year ago and I had to contact SASS several times but Misty had someone finally get it resolved for me. I have .mac email.
  14. I know now that if I turn mine up while hunting I can hear a mouse fart 100 yards away....
  15. they are still there and strong. hoping they come to WV
  16. here is an interesting one that gives razor sharp results in mere minutes super easy
  17. I have and use (a LOT!) a pair of Swarovski 10x30 binos. they are light and relatively small yet fantastic optics. They go everywhere I do. Super for hunting. Not cheap but an expense you will soon forget when you start seeing the benefits of them.
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