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  1. I have an older version of this and have had it for years. It is primarily a cleaning station, but also used for my MEC 600 jr to reload shotgun shells
  2. looks like the model 70 Mountain rifle. great score!
  3. Well I am an old Eagle scout too but there is a limit that I adhere to
  4. wow, overkill! Carts are good but no need to carry EVERYTHING
  5. saw this movie tonight. I thought it was very well done. Enjoyed it
  6. look up Bullets by Scarlett. She is a member here (Scarlett Darlin) or (Darling) anyways great bullets a very good prices.
  7. most of the time these abnormalities are a result of an injury of some sort
  8. some folks enjoy the game more than the need to know everything Allie.
  9. My Generac is a 36kw with a 4 cylinder inline. It is 2 years old and works flawlessly. I service it annually. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. Mine runs on propane
  10. if the electrician checked your home electrical loads and that is what he recccomended you are fine
  11. I have one to run my whole house. It was pricey but I am very happy to have it. I would not try the install myself. mine cost 16K installed.
  12. he, his family and friends will be in my prayers
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