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  1. This shotgun was slicked up perfectly by Johnny Meadows. I purchased it direct from him. 12ga. 20" barrels, reversed triggers and a 200.00 Ricochet Roy's butt cover on it. 600.00 shipped to your FFL from a private individual.
  2. Great shooting rifle with leather butt cover and lever wrap. Shipped to your FFL from a private seller. 1200.00 shipped
  3. these operate just like Colts and require half cock to spin the cylinder. No transfer bars.
  4. I ordered these new from Cowboy Gunworks (Jimmy Spurs) in March of 2019. The cost was just north of 2400.00. The custom touches are outstanding and they are slicker than snail snot. I specified that they work with Winchester primers and they have done so flawlessly. Will ship to your FFL for 1800.00. Not interested in any trades. The grips currently on the guns are still gunfighter style but a slightly different hue. Will include factory fake ivory grips as well. shipped in the gray factory boxes.
  5. VERY NICE! but well out of my price range. Bump for a super nice rifle
  6. I have a large quantity and am not too far from you. PM me if you have not already found some
  7. what did you replace them with, out of curiosity ? I have these same tires on my F150 and they seem pretty good
  8. these were made for me when I had a 46" waist. They are pretty adjustable and I think they can fit a 42 to 50" waist. 32" inseam. First class quality and looks. 200.00 shipped.
  9. what size you need? i have one he made that I may sell
  10. I have no use for those discussions. I mind my own and will take no quarter
  11. I just shipped 200 44-40 bullets by priority mail. The buyer got a bag of bullets and the box separately. I had taped the box 6 ways from Sunday. not sure what happened but it was not good
  12. not much of a stache but it is all i got
  13. It lets you know if you are reaching or exceeding the correct temperature on the brass. I only use it when I set up to anneal. Once set up I run them through. I use the 650 degree Tempilac. I use a Bench Source machine and can do hundreds in no time. I bought the machine for my precision rifle rounds but it does all kinds of brass.
  14. It is where I call home since retiring 3 years ago. I love it here. Yes we still jump off the bridge the bridge every October (we dose NOT Mean me) not a big fan of our 9 month winter but summer is awesome
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