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  1. for personal defense you want reliability and capacity. hard to beat a Glock 19 or 17
  2. Sig P938 in the summer months. Glock G19 in the winter months
  3. You have to learn to buy when they are plentiful even if you don’t think you need any
  4. Sold to Carolina Reaper Tried to send you a message but it said you cannot receive messages you can try and message me?
  5. 300 pieces of brand new Starline 45 Colt brass. 70.00 shipped
  6. very well made hat in grey. 7 1/8 175.00 shipped
  7. very nice D Bar J hat. 7 1/8 size. 210.00 shipped
  8. this is a link to the rugged gear cart I am selling. It has the upgraded wheels shown in the link as well as the pistol rack and umbrella holder shown in my images above. https://ruggedgear.com/deluxe-4-gun-cart-package/
  9. The brass gets brittle over a number of times. Do yourself a favor and just get some new brass. 45 Colt should never need trimming
  10. California is a different animal and the price of the gun has nothing to do with that
  11. I will try to add additional images later today to show the upgraded wheel set
  12. It looks like John Constanza's work. very nice
  13. I have what you need in a complete quick change set with powder measure. Have not used it in a long time. Let me think on it and be sure I want to sell it. I will get back with you
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