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  1. I know now that if I turn mine up while hunting I can hear a mouse fart 100 yards away....
  2. they are still there and strong. hoping they come to WV
  3. here is an interesting one that gives razor sharp results in mere minutes super easy
  4. I have and use (a LOT!) a pair of Swarovski 10x30 binos. they are light and relatively small yet fantastic optics. They go everywhere I do. Super for hunting. Not cheap but an expense you will soon forget when you start seeing the benefits of them.
  5. at this point I do not think so. Still thinking on it.
  6. Thanks Pards for all the feedback and encouragement. When I wrote this thread I was really bummed. I had traveled 600 miles to attend the shootout with the barber put on by the Hurricane Riders in South Carolina. I came down with the flu after getting here and was unable to attend. I spent considerable funds on this trip. Bummed me out. I shot this event last year and it was one of my favorite shoots of the year. Some really great people. I expect to get back out and shoot some more soon. Winter in West Virginia can cast a somber mood. thanks again. HD
  7. Hang in there Clay. I got mine a year ago and after some initial getting used to them I cannot imagine being without them. Your audiologist should see you frequently in the first few months. Understanding how to best use them and having the frequencies tweaked by your audiologist will help you get through it.
  8. Dawg I love Tusco and shooting with you. Hope to get there again soon. It is a 300-400$ weekend for me to attend but I sure enjoy everyone there.
  9. I traveled from WV to S.C. to compete in an annual event this month. Somehow caught the flu just before the event so I did not attend. Got to reflecting on my enthusiasm for ‘this sport and am truly not sure I want to continue. My local club went through a loss of venue this past year and although it secured another venue it was a bad situation for many members. I have had some great times in this sport but it has changed all around me. Will see how it plays out over the near future.
  10. Yes the VCDL holds this every year. This year the level of urgency was much higher and that caused the huge turnout.
  11. Work Sharp Ken Onion edition has been incredible for me. I have had one for about 5 years now
  12. my daily carry knife is a SOG full auto. Holds a blade really well. It is nice to live in a state that allows the carry of full auto knives
  13. Unfortunately the BSA is likely done for. a shame really....
  14. Many years ago I earned this honor. Proud of it still
  15. My press required no adjustments when I switched to the STS or Nitro hulls from AA hulls
  16. Might be the case at your range but when I inquired here at our range the owner took me to a 55 gallon drum and gave me 500 STS hulls to get me started.
  17. I saw pre game in one poll that OK was a 13 point favorite
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