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  1. were you able to get past the insurance issues?
  2. so I suggest you check before traveling...
  3. here is the clip I am referring to This is a NOTICE to inform shooters of "restrictions" regarding our May 9th - 10th IBS 1000 yard match at Deep Creek Missoula Montana. At the request of our Montana Governors order Montana still has restrictions on non essential Interstate travel into Montana from other states. Montana covid Restrictions going to phase 1. Unfortunately the travel Ban is still in place and if you are coming from out of state for "any reason" you are required to self-isolate for 14 days. Therefore we will only be able to host Montana shooters that meet the mandated requirements. I am truly disappointed for those shooter that this will affect. As we get more info heading for our June match I will try to give all shooters info that may or may not affect coming Matches. looking forward to seeing all my shooting family real soon. for those that are applicable and feel they can participate fantastic, for those that are a higher risk etc. I understand and will see you soon. we will not be doing our typical lunch menu so Bring food & water provisions for your personal needs. we will be respecting and practicing Social distancing as needed while running Match. also for those shooters that will be at match we will be shooting Match 1 make up Saturday afternoon.
  4. well Montana requires it right now. Was interested in a rifle shoot there before I found this out
  5. not familiar with the red boxes. can you show a picture?
  6. Most states require you to self quarantine for 14 days after crossing state lines. not going to be easy to travel and shoot
  7. you are going to need to put a price in there
  8. variable speed and 3/4" belt are the features I like the best on the Ken Onion.
  9. I have the Ken onion and it works fantastic.
  10. yes it is. have not bumped it lately but it is available
  11. the metal work is the hard part...
  12. I will just wait until something of normalcy returns
  13. so sorry to hear. Prayers and condolences from WV
  14. you are going to want to rethink the 357 thing and go with 38spl
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