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  1. I had the exact same question when I started reloading for my .38/.357 1873. I wanted to load at the max OAL for the .38 to avoid feeding issues. I am using Chey-Cast HI-TEK SUPERCOAT 38cal TCFP 125gr bullets, which looks to be the exact same profile as your Slippery .38 bullets. My crimps are also in the lube groove, so I called Hank over at Chey-Cast to see if, as the manufacturer, he had any concerns in doing this, and his reply was "None whatsoever". My crimps are so tight, I have a heck of a time getting them out with a impact bullet puller. Haven't had a single feed or FTF issue in my my Uberti 1773 due to the crimp placement in the lube groove.
  2. I started with CCI primers, as I was new to reloading, and Lee Precision only recommends using CCI or Remington primers on their progressive presses. I immediately encountered FTF on both my Ruger New Model Vaqueros. When I purchased the Wolf spring kits for my Vaqueros, they came with two different weight springs (both reduced power from stock springs.) I had the lighter of the two on my revolvers, and replaced them with the heavier of the two, and that solved the problem. So I would say FTF depends on the weight of the hammer springs you have installed. I don't remember what the weight of the two springs is off the top of my head, but will edit the post with the spring weights in question when I get home. I also had to get a heaver hammer spring from my 1873 as well. Just to be safe, if you go with the CCI primers, don't wait for a match like I did to test them out! FWIW, I will be putting the lighter springs back on the Vaqueros and 1873, once I can reliably get Federal primers.
  3. Allie, I haven't been shooting lately, so I just heard the news. I am so sorry to hear about the cancer diagnosis but am relieved to hear that it is treatable. I miss seeing you down at the range and look forward to when we can get together again. My thoughts are with you. Be safe and be well. Your friend always, Remington.
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