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  1. One lucky young cowboy. That is one mighty nice first rig. Really like the black offset by the white stitching. Although that black basket weave belt has me wanting to say "No officer, I had no idea I was speeding"
  2. The price gougers are out and its getting worse. Anyone interested in 500 rounds for $1,500? At three bucks per round, I hope the brass is 24kt gold plated. Putting this in perspective, you will get 4 matches with a few rounds to spare and it will cost you about the same as buying a matching pair of Uberti 1873 Cattleman Cody .45 Colts with 7.5" barrels in Polished Nickel with Ivory Grips (that is if you can find any in stock).
  3. I am not trying to be snarky or sarcastic, its just that I am a tad bit confused. How is this good news for SASS? SASS' lease ends, as it is not picked up by the new owners. SASS' holdings will be moved off the property. EOT is being moved to AZ. Unless you are one of the few SASS members that live and hour or so drive of Founder Ranch and utilize the range, I don't see the benefit for the rest of the SASS community. If by good new you mean that SASS is no longer on the hook for leasing and operating the ranch, and that the portion of our dues that was funding this can now
  4. I made my first rig as well. When I was getting into CAS, I thought I could make a rig for less money than buying one from a top maker. Even though I hadn't worked with leather since junior high and didn't have any tools, I gave it a shot. Yup, 4 months and $1,500 later, I had my first rig.
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