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  1. Coming from a bolt action background and getting used to this game, I am still suprised at the amount of issues both low and high end lever actions have out of the box. Also how casually owners accept having to play home gunsmith with them. Particularly Rossi's, compare them to similar price point guns and even chicom semi-autos have less issues. When it comes to guns worth over $1000 in limited runs, there is no excuse for action mechanical issues- it should have one guy at least function testing them at the plant. Italy and Japan are not 3rd world countries, both countries have other manufacturers quality testing shotguns and bolt actions before export. I can only guess as a market force what it comes down to is lever action owners demand less quality. I wonder if the sport of cowboy is partly a driver here, being it involves a lot of gun customisation and modification, the factories know they can get away with shipping a raw product.
  2. Here we are running into shortages which may not be replenished for some time. Primers not too bad at the moment, though the price hikes have been pretty bad. Reminds me to pick some up before the price jumps again. Before covid had even picked up speed one of our major importers whacked a 17% increase on products. It didnt take big business long to get their nose in the trough. I fear more of this is going to occur. Hold onto your hats in the coming year with inflation. I spent a lot of time in 2nd and 3rd world. This isnt my first rodeo. You stop economies for a year, you may pay the price for another 20.
  3. Thanks fellas. I tend to like the longer guns, I'm 6'3 but 6'8" wingspan, my ancestors took longer coming down out of the trees. Also easier on the ears.
  4. Different country mate
  5. Thanks GJ, I like the sound of it. Price is steep, 1700 in USD but a lot of things have jumped up in cost since Covid started. Things arent going to get any better to my thinking so I might jump on it. On that note still waiting for the local single action ranges here to start accepting members again. You can go along and watch, but not sign up yet. Was intending to make a start in the game earlier this year, was about a month too late.
  6. Hi fellas, I found one of these by calling around stores, there are none in stock at our distributors anymore. With the current situation no one is sure how much miroku and uberti will be shipping for the forseeable future. So I was considering adding it to the collection. Anyone onw one of these? I assume the quality is as good as Uberti? Was also wondering if there are any slugging measurements for winchester's 357 barrels. Seems to be one spec I cannot find anywhere online, whether they are .357, 358 etc. lastly I am assuming they are pretty COAL dependant like most 357's. No running short 38 specials etc. Thanks for any comments.
  7. Depends on calibre and vintage of the brass usually. I used betram for big game nitro calibres in the day, it was all that was around once BELL was drying up. His brass varied in quality, generally it did okay if you didnt push it too hard, some cases were so soft you could close the case mouth with your fingers. I know he picked up contracts to supply high pressure cartridges like the 408 chey tac a few years back. They had an equipment overhaul and the quality improved.
  8. TOZ firearms are usually pretty good. The factory Tula is a 300 year old arms plant in Russia. They manufacture everything from 22LR to Ak-47's, hunting guns and rocket launchers . We see occasional models brought in from time to time here. They are sort of like an Ak-47 or t34 tank, you dont win many points for comfort or style, but they get the job done.
  9. I got a good one. Just wondered if this is usual, as a friend wanted one also. Its a bit of an ordering process here to get them, so I didnt want to lead him astray with my 'sample of 1' opinion. I assume they produce less issues than Rossi? Any thoughts on where they rank next to Henry and Win/miroku too? Would the learned members class them as top quality, decent, or like most things mass produced you might get the bad one? Thanks in advance, I'll get him to read this thread if it turns up replies.
  10. Thanks I asked him for his video but he doesnt deal at all internationally. I was considering asking fellas for a pirated copy , I'd even paypal Steve the money afterwards with a thankyou. : D
  11. I considered that but its definetly going into the magazine. I pick them out off the lifter without chambering and the damage is already there. It is less than the photos show, the effect of the camera makes it look like a chunk is taken out but its more of a shiny scuff. Same thing is happening with my full length 357 factory 125JHP which is no good. The gun is meant to feed them no problem, not just cowboy rounds. I'll will send to mad mick to take a look and install some of palo verde goodies while he is at it. Thanks all.
  12. Being from Australia, I wont. he doesnt deal internationally.
  13. They arent for SASS, just magtech factory stuff I had on hand for testing the cycling as thery are short length 38's. For the record they cycle fast and eject fine, however they are just hard to get into the magazine, there is a definite 'catch' I have to push though, and these marks show up roughly the same place, about 7 o'clock position if one were looking into the mag tube from the breech end. Therein lies the culprit I guess. I am not much of a DIY guy but cant hurt to at least take a look.
  14. Well I just paid some more attention to rounds feeding into the mag and this is happening. Realised its catching at a point entering the magazine so there must be a bevel or imperfection there somewhere. I assume pulling the gun down and taking a look at that is the next course of action.
  15. Thanks fellas. Palo verde, many thanks on that contact, same state as me as well. I will give him a call
  16. Pards, got a new Rossi 92 357 which feeds short 38's marvellously( Im talking COAL of 1.43" and wide FP bullets, and Im really impressed with that) but despite being a big gorilla, pushing rounds into that gate is bringing tears to my eyes by the 10th round. The gate was rough so that got fixed. Now wondering what to do next as there is serious resistance getting rounds in there. I dont like modyfing things too much as I figure a lot of shooting or dry firing will fix any internal roughness. But I dont predict that load gate is going to gert any easier by itself. I heard shortening the mag spring can help? Thoughts on this. I dont want to affect this guns ability to feed 38 special is all.
  17. To throw another spanner in the works, anyone know if the winchester/miroku 1873 are same profile as uberti?
  18. Exact same profile barrel then, good.
  19. Wondering how the weight, balance and handling compares between a Uberti 1873 lever action in 44-40( or 44mag) and 357 magnum, both with 24" octagonal barrels? Might seem like a strange question but I have handled a 357 in such configuration which was all I could find and did not find it too long or heavy. Would the 44 be essentially the same between the hands?
  20. I have never seen any of the 45acp conversions before, will save this thread for future conversations.
  21. Thanks fellas, and for the great story and pics by Steve. Rossi 92's were converted to 45 acp here as well for a breif period for use by one of the state police forces. I think it was back in the 70's. Not sure what department or purpose but assume it was pest destruction or humane dispatch in outback stations.
  22. Btw nate, this is question I predict you have probably answered 20,000 times to your website customers. In that if someone gets a Rossi 92 that doesnt like 38 specials, including under 1.5" COAL, is there a gunsmithing fix for it, or is it a case you have to load the cases out and no other option. In other words can someone force a rossi 92 to shoot short cartridges
  23. Thanks Steve. Sounds like Rossi knew what the marked wanted with the adjustments to handle cylindrical cases a little better. That is probably preferred for me, also not knowing the twist but assuming its pretty slow, Ill stick to what I know. If the prices were closer id probably add it to the collection for the sake of it but there is a bit of a price on it, so I will leave it for another 92 fan to buy.
  24. might have a chance to buy one of these. I know a little about them, I think they ran for about 5 years in the 80's, quality was seen as good and they have less add on parts than the later winchester/miroku 92's. Just wondering if anyone has any idea what the barrels slug at and the barrel rate of twist is? Also where do they rate on the ability to feed 38 specials? Like a Rossi, or better/worse?
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