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  1. My gun needs .430 bullets, so I do well with the RCBS Cowboy dies (need to lube cases). The bullets are shared with 44 Special. The issues I had with chambering or gauging were solved by trimming cases. I would say that picking a die will require an awareness of bullet diameter. The .427-.428 bullets probably would not fare well with the Cowboy dies. It depends what you mean by 44-40, by the book or the actual gun in hand. Mine is a Uberti Outlaw with throats that allow a .430 bullet to pass with mild coaxing.
  2. Mentioned so far: Bushing# - weight 24 - ? 25 - 13.9 26- 14.5-14.7 27 - "~15" 28 - ? All were with pretty much the same other elements. There must be a better way to measure effectiveness and what to recommend other than " works for me". Not sure I want to risk my chronograph testing a shotgun. I have never used it. Anyway, I have an unopened jar of Clays and figure I will use it up with the median advice to use MEC # 26 at a bit under 15 gr., but #25 at 13.9 might be just the ticket and worth testing. The wallop we get when firing the gun seems to be the only subjective metric used here other than yes, it knocks down targets and gets clay bird bonuses. When I look at load data for 7/8 oz of shot, say using Win AA hulls, I look for velocity hovering around 1200. I have never seen published data that goes below that, closer to specs for Win AA new shells.
  3. I saw that Johnny Meadows has listed a couple JM Marlin 1894s on Gunbroker.

    1. Rye Miles #13621

      Rye Miles #13621

      I don't deal with gunbroker! Thanks anyway!

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