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  1. Acme/Scarlett bullets are described as Brinell 16, and those loading extended length 38 Special in my area don't seem to be complaining about bullets that are too hard to take a crimp outside the crimp groove. Acme Bullet website says: "Our premium reloading cast bullets are made with certified 92-6-2 lead for a Brinell Hardness (BHN) of 16."
  2. Roughly the same percentage increase as primers.
  3. 27% increase in powder weight, based on 200 grain bullet and 5.5 gr minimum load of TB in 45 Colt. Without the case filling ability (cc per load) of Trailboss, Tin Star did not project to be a game changer or particularly comparable to me. I also don't want another leaky, ultrafine, Belgian powder, so there was that concern without actually seeing it.
  4. If you have enough tension in the case, the crimp may not make any difference in cowboy guns and cowboy load levels. What you would have to watch for is variance in the brass, so again I would urge sorting brass and rechecking bullet retention with any change in head stamp. Lead will allow taking on a roll crimp regardless, but there are jacketed or plated bullets which should not be damaged by a significant roll crimp.
  5. Did you ever try that with RP brass?
  6. The problem arises with jacketed or plated bullets.
  7. I found Unique ceasing to be useful above moderate level loadings. I set it completely aside for any magnums, given better choices for less thumpy and punishing recoil. It has done very well for me on the lower end of most anything. Have not tried it on shotshell.
  8. I have done that with that type of bullets from Dillon and found that Remington (RP head stamp) brass is thin walled, so the sizer does not create as small an inner diameter to grip the bullet. There may be other head stamps with the same issue. I would start by sorting and segregating head stamps and then measuring for an average case wall thickness or sized inner diameter. Thicker wall is better, smaller inner diameter is better.
  9. What load within velocity rules expands 45 Colt brass well enough to leave chambers cleaner than with Trailboss? Is it the powder or the brass or the chamber sizing? I shoot a JM Marlin 45 Colt Cowboy with Trailboss and Starline brass. On price, in light of paying three times as much for primers, I won't do too much hand wringing about the relative cost of Trailboss. To get good volume of case fill to view before placing a bullet, I suppose I would look to Clays as an alternative, if I had a good supply. I just have the one jar that I have used to test it in my shotgun loading. I do have plenty of Unique, having bought an 8 pounder some years ago and then setting it pretty much aside in favor of other options.
  10. My Uberti Lightning in 357 with similar issues was done by Longhunter, and it works, as long as I use 357 length brass and TCFP bullets with no leading band in the profile. Penn Bullets' mold was perfect for that.
  11. 160 gr coated RNFP from CSA is another possibility.
  12. I use the Lyman Cast Bullet Handbook as guidance for 240 gr from Missouri Bullet, lately the coated option. IMR4227 for stout and AA#7 for moderate. Those range in the usual lead bullet range of 1100 fps or so. The same book lists 200 gr loads in the same velocity range, referring to Linotype or Lyman #2 alloy hardness. I use the 200 gr as ideal for 44 Special, and you might consider the same for just target shooting with a 44 Magnum chambering. "Magnum" loads do not have to be full up performance and could be simply using magnum brass. Hodgdon's Cowboy loads for 44 Magnum show using Trailboss with 200 gr cast to stay under the SASS limit of 1000 fps. That is another very nice target load that doesn't beat up the shooter while still having some authority to it.
  13. Nothing about Cowboy rifle models, especially 45 Colt.
  14. I have used my 44 Magnum Blackhawk FlatTop in a match or two and simply used my 44 Special Trailboss load. In my "Remlin" rifle I ran 44 Mag, again with a Trailboss load well within CAS velocity limits and with very manageable recoil.
  15. 165 w/ black powder 44-40 sounds like a rocket. Has the velocity been checked?
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