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  1. It's simple, the stevens 520 wasn't in the movie... The 97 and 12 were... Wild Bunch action shooting (WBAS) is loosely based on The Wild Bunch movie, just like CAS is loosely based on the old "spaghetti westerns"
  2. I don't understand why the cadet 55A doesn't count as a pocket pistol? It's cylinder doesn't swing out, up or down. It's held in by the cylinder pin. Pull the pin and it falls out, just like the ssa and nearly every pocket pistol designed prior to the invention of the first top break and even predates center fire ammo. To me it's like the vaquero of side match guns, modern look alike of a historic firearm, same as the bond "derringer"...
  3. I thought of the nics didn't get back in 3 days, the dealer automatically releases the firearm.
  4. So my fiance and I bought a house about a year ago. It had these huge, beautiful yew bushes on the corners that were planted when the house was build back in 75 making them older than me. I really liked them, she hated them. We argued for a year about cutting then down and today I finally caved. I saved some of the wood from them to make grips out of for my pair of 58 Remingtons. I searched all over Al Gore's amazing internet and can't find anything about making grips from yew wood. Has anyone here made grips from yew wood?
  5. Goodness no! Actually I promised Twin I would find him one since he sold me his...
  6. Does anyone have any experience with these new SKB 200's? They sure are pricy but....
  7. I'll take the 45 colt. Pm me where to send the gold
  8. When the bill of rights was written, the government had muskets and cannons and the people had muskets and cannons... Over 200 years later, the government has laser guided missiles and smart bombs and we still only have muskets and cannons...
  9. I've got a 38cal slider that came off the Sam Brown belt I use for WB. Just cover the shipping. CLAIMED
  10. I have a new shooter in our club the still needs a loading block (among many other things), I'll take this. How would you like the shipping? Pm me...
  11. Ok, I'll put up the factory scope mount that my Rossi 92 came with.
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