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  1. harbor freight... ive cleaned over 500 cases at a time with it... works great!!!
  2. The second one is 9 1/2" overall and the third is an even 10"... Dang the third was my favorite and I was kind of hoping it wouldn't sell..lol... Yes I have leather sheaths for them. Pm inbound
  3. Rifle: my bullpup SKS Pistol: iver johnson 1911 Revolver: 58 remington Shotgun: model 12
  4. my gew88... its not the recoil, weight or feel i dont like, its the $2.50 per round price tag!
  5. I have these 4 Damascus knives I'm selling. I started collecting knives back about 2 years ago and SASS needs have taken over... I paid between $100 and $150 for each of them, my loss is your gain! $75 each shipped.
  6. here in WV we enjoy constitutional carry, my edc is now a taurus curve 380 with the veridian laser and a +1 mag extension ( FYI , the magguts +1 kit for the ruger lcp works in the taurus curve!).... i used to carry a kel tec p3at with a TR1 auto on laser but ive retired it to the curve. when i open carry (not very often) i carry my iver johnson 1911 45acp "BBQ gun". when i strong side CCW i carry my ruger sr40c... those are my regularly carried guns, but ive carried everything i own from my cap and ball 22 revolver (naa super companion) to my 1847 walker in 45 colt... ive even carried both my hi point 45's!!!
  7. make fun of me all you want... but my Smart gets 40-45MPG... i fill it up twice a month for less than $20 a tank...
  8. I shot two handed in Wrangler and it never felt right... Everyone told me to shoot the based category until I got the feel for CAS, well it's time to shoot what feels natural to me... Fortunately I am already accustomed to transitioning the left gun to my right hand, all I have to do now is remember to drop the left to my side. I've switched to traditional for WB too, for the same reason...
  9. nah, duelist is just natural to me... always has been, that squaw gripping never felt right to me...
  10. ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! You should be tarred and feathered for suggesting such a thing right now!!!! i waited almost 3 month for this rig to be made... i switched to duelist while i was waiting...
  11. yup saw that, that's what spawned my question... was thinking "could i cock the left gun with my left hand after drawing but before transitioning then continue with my right hand..." but i wasnt entirely sure of the legal issue until Cheatin Charlie pointed it out...
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