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  1. Hi Raincrow,


         If your money is tight, consider this.  Look for a Dillon press on EBay.


         Dillon will send you missing parts for your machine no matter where you got it.


         My brother-in-law did this.  He would by Dillon presses, send for the parts if any were missing, and Dillon would send the parts to him.


          He found some really nice presses, hardly used.  He never has to change dies; he has a machine for every caliber he shoots.  This is just a thought if your green is lean. 


          If you buy a Dillon; it will come set-up for the caliber of your choice. It will make rounds right out of the box with a few minor adjustments by you.  It is not hard and after a year, you will be helping other people get started in reloading.


          Dillon lists the price of their Square Deal B, in their catalog, from around $400 but if you buy one, you should buy the "strong mount" for it which is an additional cost.  Also, the discharge bin,  spare parts kit, low primer sensor, and low powder sensor all or are additional cost but well worth it.  $400 is just the base price.  I spent the money but have been happy for a decade.


          Another thing to think about is this:  If you load .357, you might want to buy a little stick-on sewing machine light or get a magnet base bore light so you can see the powder in those tall cases.  It's good to see there's powder in there so the bullet comes out. :P


          I use Trail Boss powder which goes through the press flawlessly, it's "idiot proof",  but it's expensive. If I didn't use Trail Boss, I would use Clay's.  


          Let me know when you want the recipe for Prairie Dawg's Lite 12 gauge shotgun shells!


          All the best,


          Slow Mo Dern 



    1. Raincrow


      Thanks, the square deal B is looking like the best choice or me. Green is lean so yes will e looking for something on line if it comes up while I save up.

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