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  1. Hardpan: No, Yreka. But I herded cattle in that area a time or two. Lived there 26 years; worked cattle in my spare time and worked as a wrangler at "R" Ranch in Hornbrook, Ca. Usual cattle drives were local in Shasta/Little Shasta Valley, while others were in Copco Lake area and north to the Oregon border. A few drives in Oregon for spring grazing and winter gathering; a few drives to load cattle for market. My wife passed away in August of 2018 after being here for a short time [Feb. 2016], so horses had to be "re-homed" and life style changed a bunch. I miss it, but not enough to go back to California [age: 81; taxes and political climate!] Wonderful experience though.
  2. Does S.A.S.S. still hold conventions? Seems to me I remember a convention being held in Las Vegas, Nv., [Henderson area]. Just wondering if those are still held anywhere. Thanks for any info.
  3. As others have said. Go to a regular shoot; ask around, there'll be some one that has or knows of an available cart.
  4. As a "transplant from Detroit,Mi., 1945", I grew up in SoCal [San Bernardino] lived there 45 years and moved north to Siskiyou County, just south of the Oregon border. That portion of California is beautiful, under represented and conservation country. We left in 2016 to be with family in SoCal, but couldn't afford to live in SoCal, so we moved to Pahrump, Nevada. A four hour drive to family and friends. My wife passed away in 2018, so she never got to see all that Nevada has to offer. I am still a "Californio", but can't afford to live there. Politics and taxation keep me from "going home". Allie, hang in there. Sounds like your wood stove will be able to handle it.
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