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  1. Oh I already shot and will shoot the crap out of this Colt. It’ll be no safe queen.
  2. Thanks that history lesson makes me really appreciate the Eagle and pony on the grips. Maybe I’ll just stick with the originals.
  3. They do feel good. Like the checkering.
  4. Just got a new Colt SAA. Any recommendations on grip upgrades?
  5. I like that idea, and I have a worn silverbelly Stetson 10X I just replaced with a D Bar J 100X.
  6. For Sale Wells Fargo Schofield 45 Colt. Less then 50 rounds thru it. No blemishes. Includes a left hand holster from Kirkpatrick Gun Leather. $800.00.
  7. I use a TRI-STONE I believe the brand is Smiths. Coarse Diamond Fine Diamond Arkansas Stone Then I strop with leather. I seldom let my knives get to the point where the need more then a strop or Arkansas then strop. When I sharpen friends knives they are usually pretty dull so I go thru all four.
  8. The snow we get would make you down right crauchtity. 😲
  9. It was just announced that Facebooks name is changing to Soapbox.
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