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  1. Which opens the door for the state to step in and replace the local police with State Police. This all sounds good for a sound bite.
  2. Sort of like my bank account each time I look at it.
  3. You are not alone ,I do the same . But, you may be still weird.
  4. Sounds great But, sadly will not holdup in the courts. Feds control interstate commerce and could just forbid firearms and components from being delivered into the state and could crush all FFL holders. IMHO
  5. Colt service? I do not think Sam Colt ever served in the service. Although he did invent waterproof cable and the first remote controlled explosive.
  6. If still in doubt put the pearl on one side and the Ivory on the other .
  7. One of the reasons we left a European form of government. As sad as it sounds most are forms of socialism.
  8. If you need a few I have some laying around the ranch.
  9. Might be time to start thinking about reloading your own.IMHO.
  10. YUP! like I said all things being equal the one who moves faster will win IF, all other factors are the same .This is a song made up of many notes.
  11. Simple, all being equal in skills, just be lighter , healthier, be able to MOVE faster and all this without shooting faster. Not hard to do ,see it all the time This is not just about shooting faster. IMHO.
  12. When I get to the line In my mind I am the only one wearing clothes and I just smile way way through the stage.
  13. Go for it and join the rest of us It is the best way to learn and we ALL have done some foolish deeds. ENJOY.
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