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  1. Thanks Ethan, I'm going to check on that issue and see if it has been fixed. One of their videos claims that it's been resolved but who knows? I don't mind doing a little fine tuning to make it work either.
  2. Does anyone have a universal Polish capper that they would sell? I think it's the version that works on ROAs, Remingtons, etc. I'm ultra skeptical about ordering direct with my Credit Card overseas. In the past when I've used it for transactions overseas my card had been hacked by unknown parties and creates a lot of undue stress for me. If you have a spare I'd sure like to give one a try. Thanks, Texas Ranger McMinn
  3. Sold, funds received and shipped to their new home.
  4. Sent you a message about your Stainless Ruger OA. Thanks. Ranger McMinn
  5. Sold pending funds! Thanks Pat. Ranger McMinn
  6. I can't get my new email to work on the forum for notifications. Email me at Badgerfarm 2 (at) gmail dot com for any questions. The last time I tried to correct it the system locked me out. Thanks
  7. Men's full quill ostrich 1883 style boots size 12D. I need to find these a new home and there is no sense in letting them sit in the closet when someone else could get some use out of them. They are butter soft and fit like a well made glove like all Lucchese boots. I have worn them twice since I bought them and not able to wear them after my latest spine surgeries. My back can't tolerate anything with a heel now because of the rods and fusions. I'm asking $175 plus actual shipping and insurance. I prefer Paypal plus a few dollars for the fees or F&F is fine. I'm new here but Prairie Dawg and roughcreek have bought items from me and and I know that Dawg will vouch for me. I would consider trading for a Pietta 1863 Remmy .31 in good condition plus some "boot" to you (no pun intended). Message me if you would like some more photos or details. Thanks for reading.
  8. Cobra Kid new PM replied to. Thanks Pard
  9. Les, yes I'm looking for the gray boxes. Thanks for the reply. Cobra Kid PM replied.
  10. have you found the boxes for ruger 7 1/2 ?

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    2. Cobra Kid

      Cobra Kid

      boxes on the stage


      tracking # 9505 5134 8421 0272 3466 45



    3. Texas Ranger McMinn

      Texas Ranger McMinn

      A big thanks to you Cobra Kid.  I'll give you a shout when they get here.


      TR McMinn

    4. Texas Ranger McMinn

      Texas Ranger McMinn

      Boxes came in the mail yesterday.  Thanks again Cobra.


      Best regards

      TR McMinn

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