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  1. Hi Cajun Ace,


    I truly appreciate the interest. I have no experience shipping hand guns but do know that, as a non-FFL license holder I can use UPS/FEDEX directly. To use the USPS I must go through an FFL on my end., UPS/FEDEX require that you use next day air. I checked the price to find that UPS wants $119. I imagine that the FEDEX price would be similar. USPS wants $92, to which I would have to add the cost of the FFL on my end. Note that, even using the FFL, USPS requires that I use 2-Day Priority Mail Express, thus the high cost. Both are, obviously, high numbers. Note that they are based on weight/size estimates for the package and, again, I am no expert.


    I would rather that we focus on a total price, inclusive of shipping, that is fair to both of us. If you are interested in a discussion, then maybe we could open up a private conversation. I'll send my phone number and e-mail address through the SASS Messanger.


    Again, thanks for your interest!



  2. [sOLD - Thanks to all of you for your interest.] Offered for sale is a very clean E-Frame (breakdown) Model 97 in 16 GA. 27" full choke barrel. Has a decelerator pad mounted. The action is very smooth and the gun is a great shooter. This gun offers much more than just a unit for parting out. Asking $350, shipped to the FFL of your choice.

    Price does not include FFL fees on buyer's end. I can only ship to an FFL that accepts shipment from a non-FFL source.

    Here is a link to some photos: https://16gamodel97.shutterfly.com

    Thank you for reading!

  3. Offered for sale are: a pair of Taylor & Company (Uberti made) Cattleman single action revolvers. Caliber 44-40, 5 1/2" barrels. Consecutive serial numbers. These guns are essentially new and have been shot in practice only three times. Asking $800 for the pair (will not consider splitting them up).

    I hate to part with these guns but have instead decided to gear up in caliber 357 Magnum, like my wife. I also have a set of Redding 44-40 die available.

    Asking price does not include shipping and FFL costs on buyer's end. I can only ship to an FFL and you must confirm that they will accept shipment from a non-FFL source.

    Thanks for your interest.

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