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  1. Thanks again for much more info. John...As to my idea on rifle caliber? Maybe...the .44 spec. To keep it the same. As I'm very new to this...the rifle was going to be last purchase. Wanted to ask advice. Maybe shot a couple. If I went off by sight...it would be 1866. I see you mentioned 44-40, those are Taylor & Co. right? I think Cimarron is the one with .44 spec. I do like the saddle ring look or the Pawnee (with studs).
  2. Been watchin' your channel and saw this build. Thanks by the way....for the great info you always put into these episodes. As a newbie...it's really information we're dying for. The more informed we are...the better we stretch our dollars. Keep them episodes comin!
  3. Thanks to all of you for the great info. I'll be keeping my eyes open in a month to see if things get back to normal to buy some ammo. I'll be holding off on reloading equipment for now, unfortunately. Need to buy my other guns and such. Many thanks again. Calvera
  4. Thanks NCS. I'll be keeping my eye open for SASS vendors posting in the Classified.
  5. Thanks McCandless. I assume the 180 grain is the way to go on an Open Top vs the 200 grain?
  6. Thank you all as well. Forgot to include this in the post. But appreciate the community and its members for always helpin' newbies. Calvera
  7. Many thanks Chief Rick! That was immensely helpful. Haven't started to reload yet....maybe in the future. I imagine that once the clubs start opening up again...getting cowboy rounds shouldn't be a challenge. Thanks again.
  8. Evenin' all... Tried to find this topic but couldn't. I have a pair of Cimarron 1872 Open Tops that fire a choice of .44 spec/colt/russian. Is one preferable to another in SASS? Maybe due to popularity in a cowboy round? availability? cost? Which is the better choice? I'd like to start buying some rounds to go shooting with....but unsure which way to go. Thanks for yer time. Calvera
  9. Thanks Jefro. Did you file down the sights for SASS then? Or to help you fast draw?
  10. HA. I know almost sounds like sacrilege. But the reason is to use one of the same guns for CFDA...and SASS. The gun itself is only a slicked up New Ruger Vaquero. Main difference would be no front sight. Just wanted to see if SASS had a rule against that. Many thanks PaleWolf for the answer. Takes a load of my mind. Calvera
  11. Evenin'... So a quick question about the front sight on a single action. Can these be removed and still be used in SASS events? I didn't see anything in the rulebook mentioning removal of the front sight...merely the requirements for sights on your pistol. Maybe...I read right past it. Anyway...appreciate all comments about this topic. Many thanks. Calvera
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