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  1. 5.5" EMF goes in the right hand holster and the 4.75" Cimarron goes in the left holster. No particular rhyme or reason to it, just feels right! Once I eventually get a Schofield that'll go in the left holster and the Cimarron will go in the right.
  2. OMG this is like the perfect exact shotgun I've been looking for, I so wish I could afford it -any chance you'd be interested in a Benelli M3 Super 90 in trade??
  3. Ah yes he did! I'm looking for something closer to 20" but we can still talk!
  4. I'd definitely be interested in pictures when you get a chance! It's a Browning BSS is that right? If you can send them to my username at gmail.com I'd appreciate it for sure. Don't mind waiting, I won't be able to shoot it for at least a month or two anyway.
  5. Hi there! Quickly getting obsessed with this sport and I've got my eye fixed firmly on either an SKB (100, 200 series all good) or a Browning BSS side by side to use as my shotgun of choice. I'm having a tough time finding one for a price I can afford that is already cut down and set up for the sport however. I'd like the gun to be in 12ga and to be cut for chokes so I can use it for non-CAS stuff too. Barrel length closer to 20in would be appreciated too, nothing too fancy - a worn beat up old gun would suit me fine. Anyone have a spare shotgun they'd be willing to let go to a new CAS shooter?
  6. Me and some friends dropped by a practice match of the Richmond Roughriders last month and became very enthused at the idea of shooting this sport. I even went out and bought my first cowboy hat that day haha Well, the time came around and I got to shoot my first ever match today - everyone at the club was tremendously welcoming, some people lent us shotgun belts, shotguns and even space on a gun cart so we wouldn't have to walk our guns everywhere! A friend went ahead and took this video of me shooting one of the stages: You can see me accidentally eject a live round from the rifle without firing it and bobble the hammers on my SAAs a couple times, but otherwise it went fairly well! No DQs and, while I may be a bit slow and I may have quite a bit of practice ahead of me in gun handling for these old manually operated guns, I still had a ton of fun! Can't wait to make it out to the next practice match in March!
  7. Very interested in this! I absolutely adore the way the S&W No. 3 looks and operates but I just didn't love the action/fit/feel of the Cimarron I had a few years back, especially comparing it to the real thing in a gun store recently. If someone could tune up the Cimarron so it went from Model P -> Evil Roy in fit and function, that would just be amazing.
  8. I got into CAS because of the guns for sure. I've always liked Westerns and tuned guns, so it stood to reason I'd like the guns that are required for cowboy action, I just never really intended to shoot it for years. Bought an EMF Alchimista II back in 2013 because I liked the feature set - actually bought it used off sassnet here haha Then just late last year I picked up an Uberti 1873 as my first lever gun and then a friend offered me a great deal on his Evil Roy 4 3/4th in SAA. The fact that they all happened to be in .45LC sort of cemented the fact that I needed to go ahead and get into cowboy action haha - so here I am! Still short 1 shotgun though. Been deal hunting a tuned SKB since I reaaaaly want a SxS to compliment the other shotguns in my collection.
  9. Ive shipped a couple pistols in my time - thanks for the advice tho
  10. Redwood - no we've never met, altho if you're going to be at the February shoot for Richmond we'll surely meet then! I'll probably bring the gun by in case anyone has time to check it out. The other issues it has are once in maybe 100 rounds the cylinder will bind up, hasn't happened in months but I never figured out why. And just yesterday while function checking it, it failed to lock up properly. I took it apart and noticed the notch in the hand which got me thinking. I have another SAA to compare it to which has an intact hand and it does indeed look like a break. Unfortunately no time to get the gun out of the safe today so it'll have to wait till tomorrow. I'm happy enough to send it to EMF - thankfully since it's going to an 07 FFL theres no need to ship to or through an FFL so I'll only be out the cost of shipping which isn't that bad. Local help for gunsmithing isn't anything I've had luck with in the past so I'm not going to count on it here either, unless someone at the next shoot has a recommendation.
  11. It's on the second shelf of the hand, I may be able to grab some pictures tonight. Funny enough it never even occurred to me to send it back to EMF themselves. I talked to their gunsmith this morning and it sounds like the work is pretty cheap, they do have a bit of a back log but I can always borrow another SAA from a friend for the shoot itself. I'm leaning towards sending it in just because I bought the thing used years ago and it's had an odd problem or two on and off across the years. I'm not 100% certain the hand is the only thing wrong with it.
  12. This was really well put, I thought. I've been into shooting for years now including other action sports but I could just never make the jump to reloading. I'm just not super interested in the process, having tried it out on a friends LnL and a single stage for shotgun stuff. Where I live the darn press will have to be in my bedroom which I don't care a ton for and if I'm going to do it, I'm going to end up spending a lot bc ill want a progressive press with as many auto features as I can get haha I think CAS may finally be the sport that makes me take the jump tho - 45lc just does not come cheap!
  13. The older of my two SAA clones appears to have a small chip in the hand that is possibly causing some issues with the cylinder binding up or not timing properly. The gun itself is an EMF Great Western Alchimista II, built off a Pietta. Does anyone have a recommendation for a cowboy smith who does repairs? Ive seen lots of reccs for action work but I wasnt sure if those would be the same people to contact.
  14. Darn, Im right across the bay but theres no way that thing fits anywhere in my house haha
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