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  1. I will take the square deal 44-40 conversion as long as it includes the seat stems too.
  2. 100 pieces of 44 special brass. Free if you're local. $11 shipped.
  3. I have 74 pieces of mixed head stamp 25-06 Rem Brass. Just hate to scrap good brass. $20 shipped.
  4. This was a on a 97 with a stock shortened to 13" LOP. Yours for the price of shipping. $10.50 shipped.
  5. I know it's a long shot but, I'm wondering if anyone has Dillon square deal parts they are willing to let go for less than Dillon retail. I just bought one that is missing the entire primer system and early warning, failsafe rod, spent primer cup and bracket and powder measure lid. I also need a powder funnel and locator buttons for 44 mag. Thx for looking, TW
  6. She's a real SASS shooter from LV. I've shot with her many times.
  7. Ruger Bisley Vaquero 45LC. $850 shipped to your FFL. In great shape except for scratches on the ejector rod housing, but that's an easy fix. Selling to pay for it's stainless replacement.
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