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  1. As of this moment you can backorder 45CS at starlinebrass.com. Haven't even been able to place a backorder for a while. I placed a backorder months ago. It seemed to go nowhere and then they contacted me for payment to ship last week. If you are looking for brass they said keep your on eye the web site daily and order, or backorder as appropriate. They are filling backorders first when they get around to each caliber but it may take a while for some.
  2. > 3500 pieces of mixed 38 special brass (37.5 lbs). Some is cleaned, some is not. $175 local pickup or $200 shipped.
  3. Used 44 mag brass. 500 pieces, mixed headstamp (actually about 530). 70 of them are nickel. $90 shipped. SPF to Splitthumb
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