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  1. Very nice C.Sharps! I notice there is no set trigger, what is the trigger pull like? Light, med, heavy? Are you the original owner?

    1. X Mark

      X Mark


      No , I believe I am the third owner .

      I will measure the trigger pull after I shoot it this weekend and get back to you.

      Our annual Match  " Where The Old West Stayed Young " starts tomorrow and I've got the rifle packed to go ..

      I've thought that it pulls at about 4# but I haven't put a gauge on it.

                     Thx. for looking.

        X  Mark 


  2. Do you have any $$$ figures that you would take for the USFA and the Marlin 45-70?

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    2. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      USFA is already gone

    3. Tgodley


      Going to pass on the Marlin...

    4. Fast Freddy

      Fast Freddy

      OK. Thanx fer lettin me know

  3. Was this embellished by Colt in 1889, is there any ppwork that come with?


  4. How sure are you that the wood on this Marlin 39 has not been refinished?


    ...Too Tall...

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    2. Marshal Too Tall, SASS #36690

      Marshal Too Tall, SASS #36690

      I'm interested somewhat, but factory originality is important to me as a collector.  Many of these guns in the 50's have been refinished....some very professional.  What is your bottom dollar?

    3. Tgodley


      330-242-6565 call me when you can. Thx

    4. Tgodley


      My bottom is $2800. 

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