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  1. Marshall, The folks that had the printing equipment passed on a few years ago and it was sold. I have been told that it was an amazing work of wonder to watch the linotype machine work!
  2. Thanks slim, that is a good thought. It's quite a process to sell something there though.
  3. I have a few hundred lbs left. I will mix the linotype with lead, one to one, the ingots can be from two lbs to whatever you need. Ready to make bullets. 65 lbs x2.00$ plus shipping = 145$ Best deal with the shipping. Smaller packages available. Thanks for all the orders!
  4. Tinpan, Yes, I have some left. I can get 65lbs into a medium sized box. Shipping is 15$ Only way I can get the ingots into a small box is to melt it down into smaller ones. 8"x 5"x 1" ingots. I have not done that yet, so I'm not sure what they would weigh, but, guessing 20- 25 lbs . Shipping is 8$ Thanks. Dominguez
  5. Last trip to the top. 65lbs plus shipping=145$ I have 1000lbs left out of the 3500lbs. Hard to find, mix it one to one with pure lead to make the best bullet! Thanks for the help.
  6. Mustang, Is there a website or forum that I can get on and offer it to them?
  7. These are the lead ingots that have not been touched since they were used. For authentication purposes. Even with all the orders for it. We still have a ton left.
  8. BTT Looks like to me that the best deal for shipping with the flat rate is , 65lbs plus $15ish shipping per package equals about $145. 70lbs is the weight limit they allow per package. Hopefully this helps.
  9. Linetype lead is 4% tin and 12% antimony. Hardness of 20 Sought after for mixing with pure lead for harder lead bullets. To brittle by itself to hunt with but mixing it one to one with pure lead makes it possible to shoot at higher velocities, Amazon prime sells it at $5 to $7 per lbs. Definitely worth a look at $2
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