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  1. When I was a kid, they had a monthly rodeo and horse show near us. We showed horses there. They played that album on the PA system so much that I knew every single word of every song. Still some of my favorites.

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  2. 50 minutes ago, mean gun mark said:

    Whoops sorry Bubba and of course uprange exchange is returning as well.......I’m  off to the range to get some work done.     Y’all have a great day

    That's a relief. I thought maybe I missed out on something you did last year! Lol  We are all signed up and looking forward to it, especially the 80 degree weather! Way to think of the details, Mark!

  3. 8 hours ago, Widder, SASS #59054 said:

    I'm watching it NOW  (10:15 EST).   First few minutes looks good.




    Watched it last night. It was pretty good. The cars and guns were cool 

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