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  1. Very cool looking Colt! I understand the Bisley grip was designed for a bent elbow style of target shooting but I think Colt sort of missed the mark. The "Bisley" grip associated with Elmer Keith is similar to the grips found on what Ruger calls a "Bisley" are much better suited to heavy loads and target shooting IMHO.
  2. Yes, but loading off the gun is a PITA and takes me much more time. I know guys with Rugers and Remingtons that can load off the gun efficiently, but for me driving out the wedge and reinstalling it takes too long.
  3. I typically shoot Frontiersman with a pair of 36cal Uberti 1851s. Last few monthlies I had a few stages were the load levers fell binding the cylinder and killing my times. I load on the gun and suspect over the last few years the latches are a little more worn than when I first started. I have tried tying the levers up with thin strips of leather, but this causes issues when it comes to reloading and re-holstering. I've tried refiling the latch parts but I still get at least one drop per match. I am tempted to find some small pipe clamps to wrap around the barrel and load lever but suspect I'll have the same issue that I had with the leather strips. Any other Frontiersman have a better fix for this problem?
  4. Anti-seize, unless of course you shoot in really cold weather.
  5. As others have said, the handbook calls for 15gr or 1cc as the minimum. Under the testing section questionable rounds should be fired in comparison to a 38 special loaded with 1cc of 2fg Goex. I have seen a few frontier cartridge shooters shooting 38 short colt out of the revolvers and have serious doubts about their ammo meeting the minimum smoke requirement. Then again I am often comparing their smoke output to my 44-40s loaded with 2.2cc.
  6. That's really cool! Has the wood been refinished or coated? Does this require and FFL or does the date of manufacture make this an antique?
  7. As the title states, I am interested in purchasing 30+ (enough to get through a match plus a few makeups) Magtech 2.5" full length brass 12ga Shotshells.
  8. What is the advantage to 45CS over regular Colt or Schofield cases? Do they seal the chamber better? I would think cut down 45 Colt cases would be as thick or even thicker than regular 45 Colts in the neck area. Do regular 45Colt dies still work for expanding and seating or do you need to use 45Auto dies?
  9. I don't want to ruffle any feathers, but why was this modification ruled as illegal? Seems like the little roller would only be briefly visible while the hammer was back or when the action was open. The firing pin safety extension found on the Miroku Winchesters is far more noticeable IMHO.
  10. Man I wish I could justify the expense. Nice pair for Frontiersman.
  11. An 1860 Henry in 44 Russian. While we are dreaming we might was make it a short frame/receiver as close to the original Henry/66 frame as possible.
  12. Is this an antique that can be shipped straight to me? If so I'll take it for $350 shipped.
  13. If the gun really is at an FFL you should be able to look up contact information independently and call an verify with them. I have encountered a number of sellers that were simply extremely naive people when it came to guns. One lady claimed her son had died and she simply was selling off his stuff. She actually had a Winchester 94 and a Rossi 92 listed under antiques and "did not require an FFL" because she had mistaken the model number as the date of manufacture.
  14. I've bought and sold a fair amount on Gunbroker. The only issues I have ever had have been with (NR) users and Sellers that only have feedback as a buyer but none as a seller themselves. Call and talk to the seller, explain your concerns. There are a number of red flags with this listing.
  15. I really enjoyed that western. Also a nice variety of revolvers used. If I remember correctly Crow's character used an open top and there was even somebody with a LeMat.
  16. This will likely get lost in this thread but I have talked with a number of shooters about SASS. Most don't have the time or finances. Other than making leather and gun rentals available I don't see a solution to this. For whatever reason I can hardly find a new shooter to loan guns and give ammo! Some don't like the alias or costume. Don't want or need those type. SASS just never will be their game. A surprising number make fun of and think the light "puff" loads are needed to win. Many think we shoot wax bullets or even blanks! Perhaps raising the power factor for all categories save for the older age based ones? I understand the "puff" loads don't offer an advantage, and everyone is free to play this game however they see fit within the rules. But when it comes to attracting new shooters I have been surprised by how often the ultra light loads have been mentioned and are a turn off to many non-SASS shooters. Again a surprising number of non-SASS shooters are really bothered by the shotgun starting empty. Two revolvers loaded with 5 makes sense because that is safe and likely how it was really done in the old west. A rifle loaded with 10 and closed on an empty chamber makes sense because that is safe and likely how it was really done in the old west. The shotgun starting open and empty baffles a lot of non-SASS shooters. I understand the open and empty is a way to level the playing field across a wide range of makes and models, but with shotguns starting on a table being pretty much the norm would it be possible to change the rules to allow for them to start with 2 loaded? SxSs could start open with two in the chamber, 87/97s closed with two in the tube. Just a few suggestions based on actual feedback from younger shooters that are interested in SASS but for one reason or another have yet to jump in.
  17. If its a stock CZ I'd try and get them to fix or replace. I believe they have a warranty/import place in Kansas. If the gun is heavily modified I'd try to find a competent SASS gunsmith to repair. Johnny Meadows would be the first one I would talk to, but I am sure others will chime in with their preferred SASS smith.
  18. Who did the action work and more importantly was anything done to correct the arbor length on the open tops? What models are those exactly? The barrel assembly looks like what Cimarron calls a 1860 Type II, but those appear to have the shorter navy grip.
  19. The man that taught me how to reload said most lead exposure comes from using a vibratory tumbler in the same room you reload in. Apparently the tumbler dust is fine enough to hang around in the air and is easily breathed in. When it comes to casting the lead is nowhere near boiling, so long as precautions are taken the exposure to lead is very low.
  20. The article I read showed that the lefty magazines would have a different color follower. A savvy shooter should be able to avoid any confusion, but I agree it would have been a lot better had Ruger simply put in a little more effort to either make a special bolt that could use the original 10/22 magazine or make a wildly different looking magazine.
  21. I'm a dedicated 44-40 shooter. I keep a few rounds that are loaded extra short on my cartridge belt that make over the top reloads go without a hitch.
  22. It's amazing how dumb smart people can be.
  23. Before joining SASS I had a 1860 Henry rifle that I would periodically polish. I used Mothers Mag to polish. I would remove the stock and wrap painters blue tape around the barrel/magazine were they met the receiver. I would use a rag with a block of wood to polish the flats to avoid rounding any edges. Major PITA, but for a rifle I rarely shot it was not a big deal. After joining SASS I saw a number of BP and Classic shooters that had 1860/66s with patina on the receivers and decided it was I nice look. I will never understand the appeal of the deliberately aged look or "defarb" but honest wear and patina earned over time looks good on SASS guns IMHO.
  24. I've got a nice older Miroku made Charles Daly 500 if interested shoot me a PM and we can work out a deal. In my opinion they are one of the better internal hammered SxS with double triggers ever made.
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