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  1. At The Black Hand Raiders, I post stages ahead of time to our website. Most shooters comment positively about it. Our stages page has a disclaimer that you may shoot something else when you arrive (weather, range conditions, setup not safe as envisioned, etc.) 95% of the time it is what is posted. I started doing this after attending state and other large matches where you get the shooters book at registration, so you can plan ahead on some stages. Seems to be working well.
  2. Match Directors - when designing stages for Josey Wales shooters, what are some of the things you consider. Other than having a surface to stage and restage your pistols, are there other things you do differently? Josey Wales shooters, are there things you really like to see or hate to see in a stage design? In honor of this discussion I include the following for all those current incapable of shooting Josey Wales, at least you can drink one!
  3. Other challenge, though not really your problem, is that double cocking patterns sometimes confuse spotters and you then get involved in a several "was that a P?" conversations. Seems like the single cockers get less of this issue. I actually do both. There are a couple of patterns that I find way easier if I double cock but generally I single. Do what you feel most comfortable with. The cocking the extra gun on split pistols can get you either way, as I did to myself last year at our state match!
  4. The match tommorrow at Ruskin has been cancelled due to the forecast weather.

    Thought I'd let you know.



    1. Johnny Longpants

      Johnny Longpants

      Thanks, I had checked the website so I was updated but disappointed but understood after sitting through the whole day of rain.

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