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  1. Open Category -- Like B-western but without dress requirements. Able to shoot any style on any stage. Any legal gun/gear. My list then would be: Style Categories: Open - shoot anything, any way. Duelist - if you want to only compete against the 1 handers GF - if you want to only compete against the other GF Equipment Modifiers (may modify the Styles above) Cap - if you want to only compete against the other Cap & Ball folks Power Factor - 140+ power factor, compete against the other big boomers. Black Powder - compete
  2. The data is collected by light sensors. The metal bars and the sky screens are just there to give the optical sensors something to "look at" when it is very sunny out. You can use the chrono without them (or even accidentally shot them off) and it still works if the day is nice and overcast. It measures velocity by the time difference between seeing a dip in brightness on the first sensor to the second sensor. Since that is a known distance you get v = d / delta T.
  3. Scioto Desperados match is cancelled for tomorrow - Sunday, 15th. Weather forecast is miserable. Horizontal rain and cold temps. JLP
  4. I load 38 BP on progressive using the through powder expanding die in one station and then a powder drop in the next station filled with inert material as filler. Drop 1 cc of BP and then fill with a small amount of walnut or grits in next stage to finish the case fill. Can actually go pretty fast this way.
  5. The match tommorrow at Ruskin has been cancelled due to the forecast weather.

    Thought I'd let you know.



    1. Johnny Longpants

      Johnny Longpants

      Thanks, I had checked the website so I was updated but disappointed but understood after sitting through the whole day of rain.

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