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  1. Thanks, these are the kinds of tips I was looking for. I know Lassiter can fix it and I also know how busy he is fixing other folk's guns so I am looking for some self help tips from experienced 97 users. Looks like we will both be doing a more thorough cleaning and see if that helps and if all else fails pass the guns onto Lassiter for some work.
  2. Hi all, Couple of questions about 1897 problems and possible reasons/solutions. Two of these are friend's guns and one is mine. 1) Gun 1 Problem: Hammer rides down with the bolt maybe one out of every six shots. Hammer can then be cocked by thumb and fired. This doesn't happen on his other 97 so maybe not operator error. 2) Gun 2 Problem: Double feed frequently. Pump the action and you get extra half shell into action (note: Wild Bunch here with stoked gun). 3) Gun 3 Problem: Failure to feed from magazine (again Wild Bunch stoked gun). Happens maybe once or twice a match. Have to pump action once or twice extra to feed. Different shell types work better than others, STS work almost all the time, AA FtF a lot. Any suggestions on reasons and or solutions to any of the above problems would be appreciated.
  3. You'll love a 45-70 high wall. Especially if you load BP, the thump is so satisfying. In the single shot categories they usually shoot 6 around here.
  4. AA hulls changed when they went to the new AAHS design. The change is a two piece design and what I believe to be a different plastic. This has made the AA much harder to reload (used to be one of the best) and now getting a good crimp has become a crap shoot. The softer plastic is probably what is causing them to hang up in chambers.
  5. You could build the match, then sync to get the match out, then register people on multiple devices, then sync to get all shooters on all devices and build posses on one of them and then sync to get posse definitions out to all devices. Lot of syncing but thankfully it is easy and quick to sync. Yes, you can score bonuses with Practicscore.
  6. Correct. An example of how this works (Note, there are many ways to do this stuff in Practiscore): Take one device and build the match. That includes creating the event and creating the stages. Register shooters on the device that has the match active. Assign shooters to posses. Now, turn on other devices and sync with the master. Now each device has an exact copy of all the info from the master. Go run the event, record scores, add extra shooter to a posse, etc. All devices are equal in terms of the match at this point. Gather devices back together and sync devices. Now, each device has a copy of the completed event. Use one of them to read off final results. Email the reports off the device to post to websites, etc. Usually done back at home with real wifi.
  7. You can also use your phone as a mobile hot spot to create a local wifi for sync. Just turn it on, sync for 30 seconds, turn it back off. Practiscore is good. The menus are a bit confusing the first couple of times through but after the 2nd or third time you will be an old pro. We run it on old 2nd Gen iPads that were donated.
  8. Springfield MilSpec, Chip McCormick Mags, Wilson Combat Extended Mag Release -- solid performer in modern. Can swap back the mag release and black out the white dots and works well in Traditional. Feeds reloads like a champ.
  9. Thin spar varnish with mineral spirits if you want a slow dry. Thin with Naptha if you want faster drying.
  10. We are shooting Wild Bunch tomorrow in Nashport, OH (near Zanesville). Come on out. See http://www.blackhandraiders.com/ for address and details.
  11. $10 members, $15 non-members, $20 Annual membership, run 9 cowboy + 4 WB matches a year. Buckaroos shoot free. We pay 30% of fees to host range. They cover insurance.
  12. I'll be there. If anyone wants a Wild Bunch warm up match before the Ohio Stat Shoot, the Blackhand Raiders are shooting Wild Bunch this Saturday in Nashport Ohio. Come on out and get some last practice in before the State Shoot.
  13. 1. 1. Are your club officer positions filled by the same people year after year? Yes, after an almost complete replacement several years ago 2. 2. How often does your club have a full/dedicated membership meeting? (in months) every 12 months 3. 3. Has your club membership dropped over the past 5 years? Yes 4. 4. Does your membership vote on club expenditures? No, just officers. 5. 5. Does your club membership receive a complete financial report at every meeting? No. Monthly report to officers.
  14. I make grips for Rugers. I rough cut the shapes on my band saw then I use my oscillating spindle sander and belt sander to bring them down to the profile I want. I drill the ferrule mortise and the screw holes on my drill press using a cutter you can get from Brownells. It aligns the screw hole and mortise. I then use a wide variety of sand paper to go from about 100 grit all the way to 1200 grit depending on the wood species. Some of the exotic woods polish beautifully with very fine sand paper. Then I use a laser cutter to put any customized logos, names, etc into the wood and finish with Tru-Oil. The leopard wood grips are mine and the Hickory grips were for a friend Outville Slick. I will add a pic of the finished grips on my guns as well.
  15. I used the contact form about replacing a lost item and they didn't email back, the item just showed up in the mail a few days later.
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