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  1. Hi Mossy, you can update Scioto Territory Desperados to our new location at Cardinal (616 State Route 61, Marengo, OH 43334)
  2. ESS Ice Model is what I use. They have removable shields, temples, and nose bridge with prescription inserts. You get the prescription insert made for your prescription and then you are able to swap from clear to smoke lenses depending on weather. Super comfortable.
  3. Ruby is the club administrator. She helped us with a quick turn around. Ruby Ruthless SASS Club Administrator Single Action Shooting Society ruby@sassnet.com Office:(505)-843-1320 Toll Free: 877-411-SASS
  4. Yes, JW is shooting the same scenario as everyone else, just using your five pistols instead of the normal mix of guns.
  5. Hello! The Scioto Territory Desperados will shoot our first match at our new location this Sunday, July 19th @ Cardinal Shooting Center in Marengo, OH. Registration starts at 8:45 am and shooting will start after the 9:45 safety meeting. Park in the far west parking lot (past all the pistol bays). Cowboy dress is OPTIONAL. It is going to be 90+ degrees and no shade at Cardinal (we will have some canopies up). Feel free to dress for the weather but try to keep a cowboyish feel. BRING YOUR OWN WATER AND STAY HYDRATED. Finding the pistol range is a challenge at Cardinal. Once you turn into the facility off of Rt 61 it is another mile or so to the pistol range. From the entrance road turn right at the trap line and travel all the way to the end of the trap line. Take a left hand juke by the Pistol Range sign and keep driving west. Cross the county road and keep driving west onto the gravel road. Pass all the pistol bays until you arrive at the West lot.
  6. Love that guitar case! Nicely done.
  7. Thanks for the tip, I will try it. What type of grease did you use?
  8. For the price, the Frankford has been great. It can hold a LOT of 38s in the drum and they come out bright and clean. The only downside is sealing the screw on end ports. It takes me a couple of tries to get them screwed on and not leaking but overall performs well and price is nice.
  9. It was a great fun shoot. When you bill it as a fun shoot you should expect some stages that aren't just for the racers and Thunder Creek did a good job of creating stages with fun bonus targets, interesting patterns, etc. Some were patterns where everyone groaned when we heard them and then enjoyed after we shot them. Nice work Thunder Creek. I had a blast.
  10. Hot & Humid shooting particularly when there is no shade.
  11. Disagree with the glass people. Powder containers are designed to burst at very low pressure. This way if smokeless accidentally ignites it will burst the container and then just smolder. Smokeless propellants only expand rapidly when confined. A glass mason jar with a tight lid can withstand a fair amount of pressure. Not that it is likely to ignite but if I am going to use a home container I am going to go with something as close to the original burstable plastic containers as possible. So, of your two OP options, the coffee can with lid is probably closer. That plastic top would pop off under pressure and not be a glass bomb.
  12. That is the plan but we now have to also fit into Cardinal's schedule so we will see. That will get worked out in the next couple of weeks.
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