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  1. 2nd the TransTint. I use it to finish violins and also gun stocks. I get mine at Woodcraft https://www.woodcraft.com/products/transtint-dyes-honey-amber
  2. I can make you one Doc. I will be at Greene County Sunday if you want to chat about it.
  3. Thanks, these are the kinds of tips I was looking for. I know Lassiter can fix it and I also know how busy he is fixing other folk's guns so I am looking for some self help tips from experienced 97 users. Looks like we will both be doing a more thorough cleaning and see if that helps and if all else fails pass the guns onto Lassiter for some work.
  4. Hi all, Couple of questions about 1897 problems and possible reasons/solutions. Two of these are friend's guns and one is mine. 1) Gun 1 Problem: Hammer rides down with the bolt maybe one out of every six shots. Hammer can then be cocked by thumb and fired. This doesn't happen on his other 97 so maybe not operator error. 2) Gun 2 Problem: Double feed frequently. Pump the action and you get extra half shell into action (note: Wild Bunch here with stoked gun). 3) Gun 3 Problem: Failure to feed from magazine (again Wild Bunch stoked gun). Happens maybe once or twice a match. Have to pump action once or twice extra to feed. Different shell types work better than others, STS work almost all the time, AA FtF a lot. Any suggestions on reasons and or solutions to any of the above problems would be appreciated.
  5. The match tommorrow at Ruskin has been cancelled due to the forecast weather.

    Thought I'd let you know.



    1. Johnny Longpants

      Johnny Longpants

      Thanks, I had checked the website so I was updated but disappointed but understood after sitting through the whole day of rain.

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