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  1. 5.2 gr BE-86 with 115 gn FMJ RN for 1180 fps Same 5.2 gr BE-86 with 125 gn RN Lead for 1100 fps Both run great in my semi-autos and my PCC. The BE-86 has a flash suppressant as well so is nice on the indoor range.
  2. I have the RCBS unit. Works well and has been for a while. I can fit one pistol at a time in it with the grip frame upwards. Heats up quick enough and is easy to clean out with the drain valve and stainless steel tank. Features are good and easy to use (time, temp, degas).
  3. Nice set of posts. You have captured a lot of the details of using PractiScore for SASS. Thanks! One of the things I will be asking the devs to "fix" is the reports that group misses together with penalties. I prefer to see the misses in their own column. When I see a 10 I think of a procedural not two misses. One tip: When creating stages I like to setup Stage one with all the pertinent information and then use the Copy feature to add the rest of the stages. That way when I enter the SDQ value for the stage I don't have to re-enter it each time. If a stage is different I can always go in and modify it but copy saves time overall.
  4. A friend of mine has a Trap Door and he uses smokeless loads from Buffalo Cartridge Company, their Outlaw 45/70 405 gr. Peak pressure according to Buffalo is <14k.
  5. Practiscore -- it is by the same people that originally created ACES. They have abandoned ACES but they have now included CAS as a match type. It works great. You can do all the scoring on screen and then output various PDF reports for posting. All for free.
  6. Wow, I also didn't know they updated to 6 hrs. Well, I am betting that stats on people getting their RO pins will tell pretty quickly what members think of that. I tell you the class as it used to be moved too slowly. I can't imagine what 6hrs would feel like. Only justification for 6 hrs is if you actually took people out to a range and walked them through actual scenarios. 6 hrs watching someone read a PowerPoint is inhumane.
  7. Required RO1 for everyone... no thanks. We are having enough trouble keeping shooters interested. Shooters that are enthusiastic and show up at matches with the right attitude is all I need. A good Match Director and good Range Officer can get everyone up to speed on safety and the important rules so they can enjoy the shooting. An online version of courses is a great idea if we can actually get movement in that direction. There are great online teaching and evaluation platforms out there (I am an IT Director in a school) that allow for tracking of how much of the videos were watched and online testing. This isn't rocket science so straight forward quizzes and video instruction would work for many. Those who don't like online resources should continue to get face to face instructions from the Black Badges, who in our area (Ohio) are really good. Ohio does their concealed carry courses and testing entirely online. If that can work then RO1 level training should work.
  8. Just finished loading up may rounds for this yesterday! Looking forward to it.
  9. I use similar to Driftwood and put it in my ultrasonic cleaner and just drop my pistols in and run. Dry afterwards. Also take a spray bottle of water and Ballistol with me to the range which allows some pre-cleaning before putting them away for the drive home.
  10. I think it is all about practice. Once you have a set of gun you have a set to practice with and over time you will get as fast with those guns as you can get. I have a matched pair I shoot all the time as a gunfighter and then I have an oddball pair of a plow handle and a birdshead that I shoot every once and a while. I use the birdshead in the crossdraw holster because I like the way my hand lands on the grip (and the way it looks, ha). I am way faster with my GF guns but in my opinion because I practice with them 100x more than I do with the mismatched pair.
  11. I will just say that Ohio used to be in the Mideast region and GoA did a fine job hosting that regional. Then SASS dissolved the Mideast and put Ohio in the Northeast region. I travelled from Ohio to NH last year to attend our new regional at the Great Nor'Easter and enjoyed every minute of it and met a lot of new friends while visiting NH, which is geographically almost as far at the other end of the NE as you can get. So, I invite all of the northeast shooters to make the reverse travels and join us in Ohio at Guns of August. You will most likely have the same type of experience I enjoyed last year. You will shoot a great match. You will meet new cowboy friends and if your are lucky you will head home with some hardware.
  12. The match tommorrow at Ruskin has been cancelled due to the forecast weather.

    Thought I'd let you know.



    1. Johnny Longpants

      Johnny Longpants

      Thanks, I had checked the website so I was updated but disappointed but understood after sitting through the whole day of rain.

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